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Ae dil hai mushkil # 20 # dance Basanti Written Update

Ae dil hai mushkil # 20 # dance Basanti Written Update

They are sleeping hugging each other and Dev gets up first!’

Dev’s PoV
I was sleeping peacefully till Mr sun came and disturbed me by sending sunrays😂!!but when I woke up I found Sona hugging me and trying to hide his face in my chest as the sunrays were disturbing her too!!i tried to put a hand near her face so that she can sleep peacefully!!but she woke up!! I thought that girls don’t look good early morning but she was looking awesome😂😘

 Ae dil hai mushkil # 20 # dance Basanti Written Update

Sona’s PoV
I was sleeping peacefully but when the sunlights disturbed and I was trying to bury my face in my pillow I realised it was too hard(bcoz its Dev’s chest😂)but I ignored it bcoz it was Dev’s house!!but then something was blocking the sunlight from reaching me!!i finally opened my eyes and I was so shocked and embarrassed to see my position😂I was hugging Dev and when I looked up at him our faces were inches apart I could feel his breath over my face!!but then I realised and quickly got up and he too got up!!
Dev:good morning!!
Sona:what were u doing??
Dev:what will u eat for BF!!

Sona:I asked something!!
Dev:u ignored my statement and I did the same!!
Sona:good morning!! Now tell me??
Dev:I was…………….a……….b………
Sona:not again Dev!!
Sona:rehne do Dev tumse Na Ho paayega(it’s Ok Dev can’t do it)
Dev:mujhse kyun nhi hoga(why can’t I??)

Sona:ok so tell me??
Dev:(trying to change the subject):I am going to take a bath!!
Sona:Maine kaha tha tumse Na Ho paayega(see I told u u can’t)
Dev:I can’t hear u!!
Dev goes to the bathroom and Sona prepares the BF!!dev Came out!!
Dev:u made the food??
Sona:no my ghost boyfriend made it!!
Dev:ohh!!he is a nice boyfriend!!

Sona:I know!!
And they both laugh😂😂
Sona:ok so u enjoy the BF I am going to have a shower!!

Sona:do u have more clothes?
Dev:no!!clothes me!!no chance!!i just have one pair which I am wearing😒
Sona:zyada sarcastic hone ki zarurat nhi hai(no need to be sarcastic)
Sona:actually my Boyfriend wants to wear it!😜! Ofc for me idiot!!
Dev:ohh wait I will get it!!
He brings a shirt and jeans
Sona:Tumi ekdum boka!!

Sona: these are boyish!!
Dev:should u have girlish clothes then??😂
Sona:that’s also correct!!but how can I wear this??
Dev:that’s ur problem!!
Sona:I can wear this but u have to go out also!!
Dev:told u it ur problem!!!
Sona:u r mr smart think something!!

Dev:one sec what did u say mr…..??
Dev:let me think!!no idea!!
Sona:try to get idea!!
Dev:🤔🤔not getting any idea!!i guess Mujhe idea aa sakta hai if u say please(I can get an idea if u say please)
Dev:I am getting the idea once more
Dev:almost there!!once more!!
Dev:reached!!but it is not coming out once more!!
Dev:ok so listen u can tell ur ghost boyfriend to bring u clothes!!
Sona was listening very carefully at first but then she😡😡😡
Sona:I will kill u Dev!!u were making fun of me!!
Dev:any doubt??

Sona:doubt!!doubt toh ab tumhari zinda hone pe hoga!!aisa gayab karungi ki 12 mulko ki police bhi nhi Dhundh paayegi(doubt!!there will be a doubt of u are alive or not!!u will disappear like this even police will not be able to find u)😂
Dev:I would like to tell everyone that if u find me dead then arrest her for killing me😂😂
Dev:someone save me!!
And they start running here and there!!

Dev is pinned to the wall and Sona is coming towards her
Dev:plzz Mujhe chod do!!(plzz leave me)
Sona:abhi pakda hi kaha hai(when did I catch u)
Dev:leave me!!

Dev:humka chodi diyo
Sona:what do u think I will leave u if u speak in different languages!!and why should I leave u
Dev:bcoz u want clothes!!
Sona:u have them??
Dev:koi shak(any doubt)
Sona:then what was all this drama?!
Dev:that’s bcoz I like sorry love to irritate u!!
Sona:I will not leave u now!!
Dev:that’s bcoz u look very cute when u r irritate!!
Dev😅this means I am free

And is about to leave
Sona:Itni bhi Kya Jaldi hai(what’s the hurry??)
Sona:chod diya jaaye ya Maar diya jaaye Bol tere saath Kya Sulukh kiya jaaye Basanti(should i leave or kill u tell me Basanti)
Sona:yes Basanti!!
Dev:what do I have to do??
Sona:U have to dance

And plays the song!!laila main laila😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Dev:change the Song atleast
Dev:I am dancing!!chal Basanti Aaj Teri izzat ka Sawaal hai(dance Basanti it’s for ur respect)
And he starts dancing!!
Dev:I am dancing and u r laughing!!

Sona:what to do u r a pathetic dancer
Dev:keh toh aise Rahi Ho like u r Shakira(u r saying as if u r Shakira)
Sona:don’t underestimate me!!
Dev:I am underestimating u!!
Sona:I will show u!!
And she starts dancing!!dev is admiring her when his phone rings!the director called them!!as they are late
Dev:it’s all bcoz of u
Sona:bcoz of me!!!
Dev:yes kisne kaha tha Gabbar bane ke liye(yes who told u to become Gabbar)
Sona:and who told u to hide my clothes!!
Dev:excuse me these are my clothes

Sona gives him a what look
Dev:I mean……….I purchased them so they are my property
Dev:I am going to eat the breakfast and leave u will only get late!!
Sona rushes to the washroom and comes out wearing the clothes bought by Dev!!she found a not with keys

Eat ur BF fast close the door and come down I am waiting!!but u have 10mims only I will leave after 10mins!!right now the time is 11:10 so I will leave at 11:20!!
Sona checks the time and it’s 11:18 and she leaves without eating her BF
In the car
Dev:on time!!
Sona:I know that’s why I didn’t eat the BF!!
Sona:u said that u will leave!!
Dev:from when did u take my words seriously!!
Sona:that’s also correct😂
Dev:let’s go
Sona:but I am hungry!!

Dev:ok let’s go to a cafe then
They go to the cafe

Precap:director:perfect!!just prefect!!dev u r excellent!!it looked as if u were jealous in real
Dev:bcoz I was😂😂😂😂😂




Ae dil hai mushkil # 20 # dance Basanti Written Update

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