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BANDHAN (SWASAN AND ARSHI) – Part-48 Written Update

BANDHAN (SWASAN AND ARSHI) – Part-48 Written Update

Swara reached the college and found Aisha and her other friends waiting near the cafe….She was smiling nervously and headed to them … All were seeing her with lots of questions in their eyes …She quitely walked to them and stood near them…. Everyone signalled Aisha to ask her….
Aisha:Shona…..(Swara looks at them)Congratulations………(jumps in happiness and hugs her shocking everyone present there and specially Swara)Oh god my Shona is married now….(looks at ther shocked face and then at others who were glaring her and remembers and fakely glares Swara)Okay so Miss. Rajput….(hits her head) Correction…. So Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…(Swara feels happy listening this)Would u like to tell us that why did u hide such big thing from all of us…arrey for few days I was not here and u got married without even letting me know…(pouts)
All:Even us…(pouts except Nikhil)

 BANDHAN (SWASAN AND ARSHI) – Part-48 Written Update

Swara:(gets teary eyed remembering her marriage but hides it and fakes a smile) Guys plz….(holds her ears and makes puppy eyes)I’m sorry but everything happened in such a hurry that I couldn’t inform anyone….Plz forgive ur Shona….(says extremely cutely)
Everyone melt seeing her face and forgive her and all share a group hug…. All this while Nikhil was just looking at Swara with teary eyed and then left without saying anything when Anil,one of his friend saw him amd went back of him….
Nikhil comes to the park and Anil also comes behind him….
Anil:Hey Nikhil…Whats the matter buddy????Why are so sad and why did u come all of a sudden from there????
Nikhil:(hugs him)I love her dude….
Anil:(confused)Whom are u talking about???

Nikhil:Yes Anil…I love Swara but now…..
He hugs Anil while Anil also being a true friend consoles him…..
Here Aisha also dragged Swara with her making an excuse and went to park….
Aisha:Shona….How did this all happen????I mean did u confess to Sir or did he confess???Plzzz tell na….(asks excitedly but on seeing her faded face goes and cups her face) Shona…. What happened????
Swara:(hugs her and breaks down in her arms)Aishu…. He broke all my dreams….. He forcefully married me…
Aisha:(shocked and breaks the hug)What???? Are u talking about Sanskar Sir?????
Swara:(nodes her head)U know that day after talking to u …..(She tells her everything whichh happened that day and cries) He created distance between me and my Bhaiyu…. I hate him Aishu…….

Nikhil who was going from there heard only that how Sanskar forcefully married her… He went away boiling in anger for Sanskar….
Aisha:But Shona why would he do that???? I mean he loves u so y would he do that????
Now it was time for Swara to get shocked….
Swara:(wipes her tears)How do u know that he loves me???
Aisha:Actually he himself told me but I’m still not understanding why is he doing all this???
Swara:Anyways… Leave all that …Lets go to the class…..
Aisha:(concerned)Shona are u okay….
Swara:Yeah… (smiles which didn’t reach her eyes)By the way u need to help me for the exams….

—–In Swarn Industries—–
Sanskar entered Arnav’s cabin only to find Arnav shouting at someone on call….
Arnav disconneted the call and found a worried Sanskar looking at him…
Sanskar:Any progress???
Arnav:No just that man had called to tell that he wants all the property that is on my Doll’s name to be transferred on his name but after that no update….
Sanskar:Arnav, I came to know that the person is one of ur business clients….
Arnav:My business client????
Sanksar:Yeah ,nothing much is found about him but my men told that he may be ur secret rival….Do u remember anyone who could do this????
Arnav:(thinks)No Sanskar…As far as I know I don’t think anyone would such thing ….And if its some secret rivalry then we have to find that person asap….
Sanskar:Yes Arnav….. Anyways…..Swara has gone to college today….
Sanskar:(interrupts)Don’t worry I have my men keepin an eye on her….
Arnav:(smiles and hugs him)Thank u so much Sanskar…. I really lucky to get u for my Princess…
Sanskar:(smiles)Come on Arnav ….She is now my wife and her safety is my responsibility…
Both futher discuss the plan to catch that person …..





BANDHAN (SWASAN AND ARSHI) – Part-48 Written Update

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