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Bond through HEART!!! Part 3 Written Update

Bond through HEART!!! Part 3 Written Update

Om, Gauri,Shivay,prinku,rudra joined at garden in evening time.. to spend some gaala time..
Om: Bhabi!! so done with pooja but…
Rudy : O!! I know u r such a cheater
Om : Ru.. ( he was about to say something but rudra stops)
Rudra : I said to u all at that time don’t trust him but Shivay bhayya u supported this long hair creature.
Om : rudra..

Bond through HEART!!! Part 3 Written Update

Prinku : This is really intolerable bhaiyya.. u even don’t care for that 😢😢
shivay : Really Om.. 😠😠I didn’t expect this from u
Anika , Om : Will u trio zip ur mouths 😬😬😬
Om : Rudra really u r a big duffer
Rudra : O what did I do??? 😒😒
Om : Shut up rudra!!

Anika : Om u too na till now I just that Tadibaaz will get Confused and confuse others but today these 2 also joined him
Shivay : Eyy Panika!! come to matter
Anika : Billuji, kanji ankonwala, Tadibaaz, Calculator Singh oberoi, SSO, Stone Singh Oberoi.
Shivay : Okay!! My jhansi ki Rani
Anika : See for ur one name I gave these
many names !!
Shivay : I give up see I am accepting defeat
Om : Wow!! Shivay, Shiavy Singh oberoi accepting defeat haa bhabhi must accept , u owned him haha
Rudra : Haha ha O now he has become AB vala
All except Ru : ABwala

Rudra : ha Anika Bhabhi waala (does his logic sign)
Shivay: Now enough and get to topic so are u not attending this youngster party Om
Om : It’s not that Shivay ;
Anika : There is surprise for all of u
All : What

Anika , om : Ruhi come ( Guys Ruhi is not genetically related to Oberois but she is like very own family member to them, who is she and how she related to them will be revelead later)
Shivay : My darling so now u got time ha I am really upset I felt today also u will not come
Rudra, Prinku : hugged her and said So fine this time also did u come for us just for ur charming hanndsome
Ruhi : Really, unbelievable u praised another person charming My God!!
Anika : It’s ur sudden surprise effect

Ruhi : Haa bhabhi I too feel it
Rudra : Stop assuming things I told it in ur tone by the I can feel pity on this long hair creature but he will never match me 😏😏
Ruhi : well well but who is this lady (pointing to Gauri)
Gauri : I am Omkaraji’s ( stopped by ruhi)
Ruhi : Wait wait I will say My handsome so she is ur new gf right!!

Gauri : No actually he and myself..
Ruhi : What so u both spend a night together
Ruhi smirked
Gauri was hell angry listening to her as she said all these blablas, before ruhi could speak something
Gauri : I am not like that I am his wife and don’t dare to talk about me like that I didn’t stoop so low like wearing costumes above knees with sleeves and exposing before other family men like that..

Om slapped hardly on Gauri ‘s face
Om : now will u stop it don’t even dare to stare at her she is like my own sibling she is my everything and equal to prinku for me .She is my family and it’s really silly thing women like u talking and caring about self respect but anyway let me say onething women character doesn’t depend on her skirt length but it depends on their nature, thinking ability and u know the girl whom u blamed, before her entire design field bow their head down
Cha disguisting!!
Continuation Tommorow..

Preacp : Anika, Rudy conosles gauri
Om and ruhi try to convince Om mindset about Gauri ..





Bond through HEART!!! Part 3 Written Update

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