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DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 8 Written Update

DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 8 Written Update

In the oberoi mansion:-
shakti: why did you call all of us here omkara?
Om: chote papa I needed to tell you all something very important…
shivaay: everything okay om?
Om: no…nothing is okay…
Shivaay: what happened?
Om: let everybody come…I’ll tell you…
Shivaay: okay

DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 8 Written Update

(everybody come there)
svetlana: what’s this new drama om?
Om: it’s certainly going to be better than your drama svetlana…don’t worry for me…worry for yourself…you’ll get to know soon…
svetlana: (thinks) what is wrong with om? Why is he behaving so strange?
Om: I want to tell all of you today that svetlana is not what she looks like. She is a very fallen girl….it pains me to even say her name.
Tej: what’s wrong with you om! Have you gone mad! every time svetlana svetlana svetlana!!! I can’t tolerate it anymore!
Om: i’m not mad Mr oberoi! This time I have proof and it will definitely make you throw her out of this house…
Tej:In your dreams om! (he rolls his eyes)
Jhanvi: anyways, tell us beta…what secret are you talking about?
Om: svetlana is not svetlana…
Tej: what? Are you out of your mind? Do you even know what your saying?
Om: bua ma please tell Mr oberoi to be silent for a while..otherwise I won’t be able to tell you what I have to…
Bua ma: tej! Let omki speak! Continue beta…what were you saying?
Om: svetlana is not svetlana… I mean this svetlana is not the real svetlana…she is fake…her while identity is fake!
Svetlana gets scared

Svetlana: how dare you question my identity om? Tej I never knew that omkara would become so mad…I think we should admit him to mental hospital!
Om: (smiles) no svetlana, you need mental treatment not me…you yourself are a woman…how could you ruin another woman’s life? Yes mom…this is not svetlana…
Svetlana: o right! And what proof do you have against your false allegations against me may I ask?
Om: wait…rudra! Rudra!
( rudra comes and from behind him the real svetlana comes in front of the oberois, everyone get shocked and rudra looks at omkara and they smile at each other)

Pinky: o my maata! Another svetlana?
Om: this is the real svetlana…not the one standing there…
Fake Svetlana: what nonsense! ( she goes to tej) tej! Look at your son…now that he didn’t get any clue he’s trying to frame me…you trust me tej…i’m the real svetlana!
Real svetlana: no tej… she captured me years ago and put me in the freezer… I may be bad but i’m not so fallen…she wanted to use my face to fool people and I don’t know for what reasons…trust me please…
Om: you need rest…I’ll tell them the whole story…( he tells them what all fake svetlana did to the real svetlana as in the real story)
Tej: what? How is this possible?
om: it is…definitely is…I don’t know what her hidden intentions were but they are all spoilt now…game over svetlana….
Svetlana: you are definitely mad om..(she laughs) you think that you’ll get another svetlana from somewhere and say that she is real and want everyone to believe you? Your impossible!
Om: I new you’ll say that ( he smiles) and I have another proof…these are the DNA reports of this svetlana and it correctly matched with her birth certificate.
Jhanvi: o my god…then that means…no..it can’t be…
om: it is mom… I found the freezer in the basement with rudra’s help…i knew that something was wrong…and when I saw the real svetlana pleading for help I didn’t understand at first…later she told me everything…I went to raniganj to get the real svetlana’s birth certificate…I told chulbul to tell svetlana that I went to panchgani to find out about her…she got fooled…

Precap: police come and arrest svetlana





DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ! (An ishqbaaz ff) – Episode 8 Written Update

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