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Only the sound of laughter and pulling legs of each other filled around the dining room….All were happily talking to one another either about business or the young ones of their house……….. Suddenly the phone sound of Shivay disturbed everyone and more than that his reaction caught everyone’s attention……. After talking he went out as fast as he can leaving everyone confused but soon resumed with their chit chat ………
Within mins he was in front of Oberoi Mansion……


Shivay pov..

What if I go inside now???? Yeah I know sterday I came but none knew about it and today everyone are present in there and how can I face them as am in reason for every mishap…….But i have to go inside now when it comes to my family I shd be strong enough……Composed himself and went inside the mansion……

Inside pinky’s room he was shouting at the nurse who is attending his mom…

Shivay: how dare you to tell me that u doesn’t know how it had happened????? Are you out of ur mind??? She is missing god damnit and you are telling me u doesn’t know????? You know what YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!

This shade of Shivay shook the nurse and with tears she tried to explain him hard but he gave no ears…

Soon Tej also came there after knowing that pinky all of a sudden vanished and saw Shivay standing already and scolding innocent nurse………

Tej: Shivay she is not at fault jus let her go and we will search pinky…waise haste makes waste beta.

Shivay jus calmed down after listening to his words went outside the mansion and shouted at top of his voice KHANNA!!!!! as always he was in front of him composing himself from the shock of seeing his boss after three longgggg years…..

Shivay: I don’t know what u will do but I need all the cctv’s checked nd must been known where mom has gone and how( in a stern and ordering voice) as soon as he said Khanna gave an assuring nod and moved from there……

Tej: Shivay I think you shd leave now coz everyone ll be back within mins so…… And by the way when are u guys planning to come here?????

Shivay: woh actually bade pappa am sorry but am not sure whether we ll be coming back….. As far as I know I myself is enough to clear the misunderstanding between all so it’s better other’s remain hidden coz I don’t anyone to.build false hopes…..

Tej (shocked and in anger) : what are you talking??? Are u in ur senses???? Have you gone mad????? U r bringing them back here coz all are a family man so u shd brng thm back that’s final and u r doing it!!!!!

Shivay: bade pappa pl try to understand and yeah let me go in search of mom…. Saying so he left as fast as he can I order to avoid further argument……

After one hour all the members returned(dadi, Jhanvi,prinkus,om,Rudy,chulbul) to OM and were shocked to see the scene in front of them…….

Mummiji…………….(its pinky and she came out of trauma along with her was shakthi too came back from rehab)

Dadi: is this is a dream???? Pinky beta u r standing in front of me and u r fine…….(hugged pinky with happiness)

Soon after dadi all the other family members hugged her and expressed their happiness and how much they missed her in these three years……

Pinky: mummiji my hera beta is back and he spoke to me sterday and told he is fine and jus left us with his helplessness…..

All were shocked to listen to what pinky said and asked her is she in her senses????

Pinky: am telling truth why don’t u all trust me… he came spoke with me , touched me and hugged me and called me MAA……………..

As soon as she said so rudy called khanna to get the cctv footage to check and soon they checked and got to knw tat their brother, son, grandson came back to his house to meet his mother and not them…..

At the same time at an unknown place a guy is talking over the phone he was looking perfect for any girl to fall for him…..

Guy( over the phone) : I don’t know what u ppl will do just cancel all the deals we are holding with oberois… do u get that…..if they call for an reason jus tell them that MOHIT SINGH SHEKAR doesn’t like to give explanations…….and that’s final…(shouting so he threw his phone in anger jus like shivay)…

Mohit pov:

I’m not gonna leave you oberois this is just starting and before u guys try to resolve this you will just get something bigger than this… and am pretty sure about ur destruction both financially and emotionally…….

That’s all for today guys…. Actually not getting any comments made me feel bad about my writing I know am bad at writing but to be frank and honest am good at imagining but when it comes to writing am bad and all the words get stuck somewhere and things become and my ff becomes worse….

As I said am near here and was a silent reader for few months and jus wanted to try writing but all in vain… no friends, no readers, no comments….

Last post I jus received oly few very few comments which made me feel very bad but as I started writing with the next part thought of giving it again so lets see for this part..







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