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A GUILT STOLE MY HEART (EP 11) Written Update

A GUILT STOLE MY HEART (EP 11) Written Update

Ep 11

I.m sorry laksh I. M helpless
Laksh took mangalsutra in hand just then ragini start vomiting vyyaaa…laksh see her shockingly….//

All shocked ap goes near them laksh what happen ask ap..I don’t know mom she is vomiting..then she sees chocolate in her hand oh I know y she is vomiting dis ragini not have sense how many times I used to say not to eat chocolate..I don’t know who give dis chocolate..
La: ma I only give but I don’t know she would vomit ..
Ap: laksh u don’t have sense today is ur marriage if she eat dis type of food definitely she would vomit..later she took chocolate from her hand and clean her mouth with karchief k now tie mangalsutra it’s already late..
La: he again took mangalsutra but ragini collapse on his shoulder..laksh falls mangalsutra with shock..ragini falls unconscious

 A GUILT STOLE MY HEART (EP 11) Written Update

Ap: c laksh wat u did without sense now c she falls unconscious..
La: ma sorry ma..
Ap: wat sorry now call doctor

San seeing dis feels happy oh God really u hear my prayer but wat happen to her hope she get fine…..

Doc comes and check her he feel shocked..

Ap: wat doc she is fine know, she will get conscious know can v do marriage know

Doc: she will get conscious but today onwards she should not eat junk foods or chocolate bec it’s not good for “BABY” moreover she is weak,,

All shattered hearing word baby

Ap : wat doctor, wat u mean baby
Doc: I mean baby means she is 2 week pregnant
Laksh ap dp says no doc how can she..?? She is so small…??
Doc: ya she is small but she is pregnant..it’s d fact if u have doubt u can check in any hospital…???

Lak no doc no my ragini is not pregnant how can she..

Doc: tat I don’t know u ask her then he went off

All family member start talking something

Dp request all to move from here later they move off

Sa: oh God wat is dis ragini having baby I mean she is pregnant.. she is pregnant with my child, I mean I. M father of her child oh God I. M feeling so happy( u given very unforgettable news) tat I. M becoming father oh it’s so nice to hear it. I.M FATHER….but how can I say…??

La: ma what is dis…
Ap: I don’t know laksh wats dis all I. M blind
Dp: ap v all take wrong decision to marry ragini…?her innocence break our heart now tel me who will marry my son..??
Ap: ji wat u saying laksh shd marry ragini na then who else marry ragini..??
La: ma how can u say dis like ..how can u spoil ur own son life,,, how can I become father of dis iligimate baby..she is just characterless ……( San in mind she is not characterless I. M characterless who spoil her life, tats iligimate baby it’s my baby I. M d father of tat child..it’s ur brother baby laksh)
Ap: laksh pls don’t say tat like,, pls understand her situation she is mentally stable how she know tat she is pregnant of unknown child..
La: ma it’s known or unknown I don’t need i don’t need ragini I don’t won’t to marry her it’s final..
Dp: then who will marry u laksh if once ur marriage stop,,
La: no pa my marriage won’t stop I will marry swara if she agree

Dp! Ask swara do u marry my son

She start to cry laksh come near to her I know swara u hate me u don’t like me but pls understand my situation if I marry ragini..I can be husband of her but how can I give father right to tat child..tat baby shouldn’t get its father love…if she get her memory back she will ask me y u marry me…wat can I answer—->>> I marry her for sympathy or for her body..or for her innocense or for her child future….if v do sacrifice our system does it change…?? They used to call tat child with unknown names they ask father name..they doesn’t forget easily..or else how tat baby get justice,, when all girl shd get justice..only when a girl shd become a strong independent..tat strong independence v shd only give,, v shd only encourage her..marriage is not solution for her..now she should get her memory for tat v both can work later she can find tat culprit and take her own decision for tat…so now tel me did I doing any wrong do u marry me…I know u cannot marry because I used to hurt ur feelings but ur my childhood friend u know my behaviour very well…..but I don’t have solution if today my marriage doesn’t happen all tease me, 🙂🙂 media write bad about me, ur one decision change my life,,,
Now decision is urs. …??

She too think while I encourage u laksh if v leave dis the culprit wins🙋🏻‍♂🙋🏻‍♂girls always demotivated from family.. I want ragini to get justice tat beast shd stand in prison..I support u..and I will marry u..

Sa: ya lak ur rite tat culprit shd get punishment I. M happy with ur decision between I. M proud of u..he hugs laksh ( in mind San ya laksh I should be punished I. M happy for u)

Later they(swalak) married… ragini get conscious all feel sad for ragini and her condition..

Ragini room

Ap goes to her ragini I. M sorry I didn’t knew ur life turned dis like..but don’t worry I will abort dis child and look good boy and marry u to him….and make ur life happy…I don’t leave bad eye fall on u…I don’t bother for society I only need ur happiness.only urs…???

San listening dis feel shocked 🍺🍺

Precap: ap decide to abort d child san object it…..??





A GUILT STOLE MY HEART (EP 11) Written Update

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