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Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 37) Written Update

Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 37) Written Update

Recap: Om decides to tell his feelings to Ishana.

Scene 1: Ishana is standing in the park, standing leaning on a tree. She’s constantly looking at the watch and waiting for Omkara. From a short distance, Omkara, Shivaye, Anika, Rudra and Soumya are hiding behind a tree. They all are looking at Ishana.
Rudra: O…what are you waiting for…go to Ishana??
Anika: Ya Om…you should go and tell her.
Om(getting confused): But what will I say to her??
Rudra: Have you forgotten?? You have to just go say, “ I love you”…that’s it…
Om: No…I can’t do that.

Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 37) Written Update

Rudra: If u can’t do it then go I’ll do it.
Shivaye: Shut up Rudra!!! Om…U don’t have to take so much tension…Take a deep breath, just go and tell her your feelings.
Om: Shivaye, I’m not afraid to tell her my feelings…I just don’t want to hurt her.
Anika: Yeah, Right…but your brother thinks that you are afraid like him.
Shivaye: Hey listen, I’m not afraid okay..

Om: Shivaye, Anika…will you both plz stop fighting for some time.
Shivaye/Anika(in a unison): We are not fighting!!! (Shivika look at each other in surprise)
Rudra: yeah O…they are not fighting…they are just showing tadi to each other.
Om(annoyed): Just shut Up Rudra
Shivaye: Om…why are getting so tensed….why are you thinking that you will hurt Ishana??
Anika: Yeah Om….Ishana loves you as much you love her…now don’t think much…just go and tell her.
Om : Okay…

Om goes to Ishana….
Ishana(seeing Om): Oh…Om, you are late…I’m waiting for you about 45 minutes.
Om: I’m sorry, Ishana…I got busy in some work.
Ishana: It’s okay…So… Why you called me here??
Om: uh….I…..(Om gets afraid and looks at his brothers)

Ishana: what??
Om(turns at Ishana): Uhm…I wanted to talk to you about something.
Ishana: Yeah…tell me.
Om: uh…actually, I’ll talk to you about it later on….First you tell me…How are you??
Ishana: I’m good, but first tell me na what thing you want to talk to you.
Om thinks for a while and gives a smile.

Ishana(gets confused and smiles): What happened Om?? You are behaving very weird today.
Om: uhm….I actually wanted to say thank you to you…..I know we just met 6 months ago, but….in these 6 months, you have helped me to come out of my depression…Ishana, you don’t know but you have made me learn to live life again…..you have made me realize, that it’s not necessary that we’ll always get everything in our life….You have made me know that there can be thousand reasons for sorrows, but only reason is enough to find happiness…you know, my mom and Mr Oberoi will soon take divorce and end their relationship…But I’m not sad at all….in fact I’m happy that my mom will get rid of this relationship..There is no point in staying in a non-existing marriage…Now I’ve accepted that my mom and Mr Oberoi had a failed marriage, and it’s better to end it…instead of staying in a toxic relationship. Someone has said true, “ perfect life, perfect shaadi…kahaniyon mein hi hoti hain”(perfect life, perfect marriage only exists in stories)

Ishana(smiling): I’m happy for you Om…6 months ago, when I met you, you were a completely different person….but…one thing hasn’t changed yet….you are still commitment phobic….You still run away from relationships, right??
Om: No Ishana….that’s not true…yes, I believe that perfect life and perfect marriage doesn’t exists…coz now I’ve learned to accept the bitter facts of life which I previously used to deny, but knew somewhere in my heart….But now I’ll not run away from relationships…Now I’m strong enough to face all the challenges of my life on my own.
Ishana: That’s great…so I think, you are ready for marriage….yeah??
Om(grinning): uh There’s no hurry.

Ishana(smiling): are you in love??
Saathiya song plays….Om gets lost in his thoughts.
Ishana: Om…where are you lost??

Om: uh…why are you asking me this question??
Ishana(grinning): First I’ve asked the question, so first you have to answer me.
Om(gives a smile and says): uh…..yes!!! (Ishana’s face goes blank and she was just about to cry, but she controls her emotions and holds her tears)
Ishana(takes a pause and then gives a fake smile): uh….that’s really a …really a great news….who is the lucky girl??
Om(smiling): Shall I really have to tell You??
Ishana(giving a fake smile): No Om….you don’t have to say it…I understood everything…In our relationship, emotions were always more important than words.

Om: So…you don’t have any problem??
Ishana(giving a fake smile): What problem will I have?? I just want to tell you that… I’ve the same feelings in my heart like you.
Tears roll down Om and Ishana’s eyes while both give a big smile….Both hug each other tightly…. Hamnava song plays in background.
Om: Why are you crying Ishana??

Ishana: Why are you crying??
Om: First I asked the question.
Ishana(giggles and says): I’ve never felt so much happiness ever in my life.
Om: Me too….

While Om and Ishana were busy in hug, Shivaye, Anika, Rudra and Soumya watch them from a distance and smile.
Soumya: Yay..so, mission accomplished!!!
Rudra(making a cry baby face): O…you have taken my first love..but it’s okay, I’m happy for you.
Soumya: Duffer Oberoi…do you even know what is love
Anika: I’m so happy for both of them…Well Shivaye, Om has done a better job than you in proposing. You should learn something from your brother.
Shivaye: For how many times, will you taunt me for this??
Anika: My whole life…I’ll tell this story to even my children and grandchildren.
Shivaye: Okay just stop it…let’s get out of here…
Anika: So we’ll not go and meet Ishana
Shivaye(smiling): uh…let’s not disturb them.

Saying this, Shivaye, Anika, Rudra and Soumya leave from there. After they leave…Om’s Cell phone rings….Om picks up the call and talks to someone. After he ends the call…
Om(to Ishana): Ishana….I’ve to complete a
Ishana(displeased): Now?? So soon??
Om : Sorry Ishana…I made you wait for so long and now I’m leaving so soon
Ishana(giving a fake smile): It’s okay….I understand
Om: Sorry Ishana…
Ishana: You don’t have to say sorry so many times Om…I really understand…I’ll see you later on.
Om: Okay, bye..
Ishana: Bye!!!

Om turns and leaves while Ishana watches him from behind. She watches him until he gets out of her sight and after that Ishana bursts into tears and cries..She was really feeling guilty.
Ishana(crying): I’m sorry Om…but…I’m sorry….I’m sorry.

Ishana gets a call. She wipes her tears and picks up the call.
Ishana(on phone): hello!!! (It was Svetlana on the other side)
Svetlana: Hello Ishana…so….How’s the plan going on??
Ishana tries to control her emotions in front of Svetlana and speaks in a normal tone and voice.
Ishana: Plan is successful…Today Om proposed me.
Svetlana(gets excited and grins): Wow…that’s an awesome news….Really Ishana, I can’t believe you did the job…..I’m really impressed with you…but plan will be completely successful only when Om will marry you.

Ishana: uh….I just want to know when will I get my 20 Crores.
Svetlana(grinning): Once you marry Om…you will get your 20 Crores.
Ishana: But how will I convince Om to marry me so soon???
Svetlana: It’s not my job to tell you that…You are smart…you can think it yourself.
Ishana: Okay…fine.
Svetlana: Okay…Bye….but think fast (Svetlana cuts the call)
Ishana throws her phone on the ground in anger. She breaks down. Ishana recalls her first meeting Omkara and their therapy sessions.

Ishana(monologue): What are you doing Ishana??…Omkara was already broken from inside all these years….He again learnt to smile coz of me, but when he’ll know my truth….he’ll break completely….…No, I can’t do all this… I have to tell all the truth to Omkara…..I can’t let him and his family get destroyed by Svetlana….I’ll not let it happen….and for that, even if I have to destroy myself and my family….then also I’ll not stop.

(Ishana again wipes her tears….Saathiya song plays)

Scene 2(In Tej’s Office): Tej is sitting in his Chamber. Svetlana enters.
Tej(seeing Svetlana): Oh…Svetlana…how are you??
Svetlana(smirking): What happened Tej?? Why you called me here in your office?
Tej: uh…I wanted to talk to you about something.

Svetlana(suspiciously): about what??
Tej: About our marriage…you know, in few days…I’ll give divorce to Jhanvi…then I can marry you.
Svetlana(smirking): Oh….I understood what you want to talk about. You want to ask me where we’ll go in Honeymoon after marriage, right?? Tej…It doesn’t matters to me, where will you take me….but..if you really want to consider my choice then,….I really want to see Paris…you know, It’s called City of Romance.
Tej: uh…Svetlana…you are not understanding…..I can’t marry you.
Svetlana: uh..what…what did you said??
Tej: I said..I can’t marry you Svetlana.

Svetlana(shocked): what?? What?? You are joking right??
Tej(grinning): No Svetlana…I’m serious…I’m dead serious.
Svetlana(shocked: But…but…what about our love…we love each other.
Tej: Svetlana, try to understand…I love you…but more than you…I love my business and this Oberoi empire….If I’ll marry you then this my stocks will go down and I’ll suffer loss in Business.
Svetlana(furiously): You should have thought of these things before Tej.
Tej: I thought about it and I thought I’ll handle it…but from few months, my company is going in loss and Shivaye has gone ahead of me in Business…Marrying you will result in more loss of my company and I can’t take that risk.
Svetlana(furiously): I can’t believe it…you are giving me this stupid excuse…what if you would have married me and then your company had suffered loss….then would you have left me for your Business.

Tej(smiling): Of course I would have…Tej Singh Oberoi is first of all a Business man and then a human being..For my business, I can stoop to any level.
Svetlana(furiously): Tej..I’ve never seen a more disgusting person than you….
Tej(grinning): Oh really?? Then go and watch your face in the mirror…Don’t act like you are a saint Svetlana…You were marrying me coz of my money and Oberoi surname and not coz you are in love with me or something…First you wanted to trap my son Omkara in your love and then you dumped him for me….Don’t think I’m a fool…but…if you want…you can remain as my mistress…I don’t have any problem with that.
Svetlana(furiously): Tej, I swear I’ll kill you.

Tej(arrogantly): Hold your tongue Svetlana….you are talking to Tej Singh Oberoi !!!
Svetlana(furiously): I know very well who you are, but you don’t know who am I…Tej…. I’ll destroy you and your family completely.
Tej(seething): Get out!!!!
Svetlana(furiously): You start counting your days Tej…I’m not going to leave you and your family…..I’ll break this Oberoi family completely…that you’ll never be able to fix it up.
Tej(shouts in anger): GET OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!!
Svetlana(smirks and says): I’m going Tej…don’t raise your Blood Pressure.

Svetlana gets out of Tej’s Chamber.

Svetlana(thinking): My whole hard work went in vain…I should have understood that Tej is a jerk…He can never me…I was a fool to leave Om for him…Now my only hope is Ishana….I have to somehow get Om and Ishana married and make her enter in the Oberoi mansion as soon as possible.

To Be Continued…..

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Ishqbaaz 8 Years Later- Shivika, Ishkara and Rumya- FF by Luna (Episode 37) Written Update

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