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Ishqbaaz Bole Oberio (part 1) Written Update

Ishqbaaz Bole Oberio (part 1) Written Update

Whereas in dbo thus swetlana drama ain’t ending and we aren’t getting any rikara moment I want on to know gauri truth and their love track so I’ll focus on that also

And rumya it’s a dream now to see any rumya scene bcoz CVS are only focusing on shivika and chulkara so I want rumya to unite and rudra to understand that somu is perfect for him

Let begin with the first part

It starts when kamini shoots anika mahi tries to stop her but in vain
Kamini aims gun at shivaay and shoots
Shivaay closes his eyes but is surprise that the bullet didn’t touch him he opened his eyes only to see his panika standing infront of him like a statue yes u guessed it right anika was shot by kamini
Shivaay was shocked he was blank he saw anika falling down but didn’t let her fall he held her tightly with utmost care
He sat down on the floor with an unconscious anika on his lap
He shouted :anikaaa
All the family members were still they didn’t know what actually happened
Omrupri rushed towards their beloved Bhabhi who took the bullet on her

 Ishqbaaz Bole Oberio (part 1) Written Update

Rudra:bhaiya I’ve called the ambulance they’re here let’s take bhabhi
But shivaay was in shock he sat still
Om shakes him
Om:shivaay lest go
He said with tears in his eyes
Shivaay picked anika and rushed her to the hospital

All the family members were in the hospital outside OT
Shivaay was sitting outside the OT lifeless
He remembered the moment when anika came infront of him and took the bullet
He felt guilty for not being able to do anything
Omru couldn’t see their bro’s condition
At one side their bhabhi is struggling between life and death as the bullet hit near her heart and on the other side their bro the Great Wall of sso was on tehverge of breaking

Omru couldn’t stand it and so on went in down other side and rudra went somewhere

Rudra went to a lonely sort of the hospital and saw soumya sitting there on the bench with a emotion less face and why not after all anika always supported her she felt so save with her and here she was in to OT
All the memories made her cry
Unknowingly rudra moves toward her and wiped her tears
Soumya saw him and was surprised
She turned her face and started weeping again
Now rudra also couldn’t control from so long he was trying to not cry and be strong for his bro’s but now he also wanted to cry his heart out bcoz his anika bhabhi was is danger

He also started crying and between crying he said :sumo don’t think that my anika Bhabhi will
Not be good she is going to fight all the dangers and come out she is my superwoman and she will come out fit and fine after all she is the great lady killer rudra bhabhi she’ll be fine soumya she’ll be fine won’t she ?tell no sumo
He cried
Soumya turned towards him crying and hugged him tightly and said:yes cry baby she’ll be fine ur right
They both cried and hugged eo tightly

Scene shifts to om
Om was seen to be sitting alone on a bench
He was teary eyed
GE was thinking about how he called anika bhabhi how he and rudra teased shivaay and all the other memories of anika he closed his eyes and tears fell down

Chulbul wiped those tears
Chulbul:no onkaraji u can’t cry and why should u cry believe in god he’ll not let anything happen to anika Bhabhi trust him
Om chuckled :trust whom chulbul whoever I’ve trusted has broken my trust
Chulbul was sad as he was also doing the same
Chulbul:omkaraji once if trust is broken so what u should believe in him bcoz if u don’t tell any things could have happened if he ain’t there then how did priyanka ji was saved from ranveer how soumya was saved like Thai anika will also be saved she is a fighter
Om was in deep thoughts but chulbul talks made him think about trust
Om:ur right but it’ll take time but I know that Bhabhi is a fighter and she’ll fight the danger and come for shivaay for us right
Om hugged chulbul with hope

Precap :Dr corns out with a sad face
Everyone rush towards him
Shivaay:how so Mt wife my anika
Dr:Mr oberio she’s out of danger but
Shivaay:but what Dr






Ishqbaaz Bole Oberio (part 1) Written Update

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