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So guys, meeting you today for the last time 😞😞. End of my FF. Anyways cheerup nd read this. Enjoy guys 😘😘😊😊

Shivika are locked inside.
A- Shivaye aagyi aapko mze? U r happy na after doing our oh my Mata infrnt of everyone 😡😡
Shivaye smirks and says – nope. I toh just..
He comes close
A- startles- you?
S comes more closer
A- pushes him – u stay away frm me. I am angry and ” u toh just” what can be told frm an arm’s length.
Shivaye giggles and back hugs Anika


S- calm Mrs.asso
A- in angry tone. How do I calm down? Why do I calm down. Even tej uncle, jhanvi aunty, pinky aunty, Shakti uncle, Dadi, prinku. Everyone knows that i luv alooo puri nd not ur pasta😡😡😡
S- calm down Meri jhansi ki Rani 😘 and he kisses her back while still back hugging her.
S- calm down. I answered wrong just because I wanted to spend sum time with my wife alone. After so many days.😊😊
A- achaawww.. really?😒😒😏😏
S- yes darling, sumtime away frm those duffers who just keep teasing us.
Anika cools down
A- but why u wanna spend time with me??
S- why can’t I spend time with my wife?? 😞😞😞

He makes a cute cry baby face.
A- aww my cute singh Oberoi 😍😘
S smiles.
A- but still m angry at you. U r soo bad. U could have told me this. U did my oh my mata infrnt of all. U r soo bad shivaye 😡😡 what must everyone be thinking that we r married for 3 months and you don’t even know ur wife’s fav food..
Suddenly she stopped as her lips were caught in a kiss.
Shivaye kissed her. First she was trying to get away, then she understood that she cannot get free frm his hold then she gave up and She too reciprocated.

Both shared their first liplock followed by a tight hug😘
Anika still in shock and blushing while shivaye caresses her hair.
S- sun toh lia kro meri kbhi. Bs bolna aur ye khatarnak blush krte hi aata h kya😂😂😘
A- Shivaye aap bhi na.😊😋
She looks down
S- areyy my blush queen, everyone except you understood why I answered wrong 😂😂
A- o bete ki. Tbhi gauri was in a hurry to lock us.

S- yess😂😂
A- oh shit. Shivaye what will they be thinking about us. What r we doing inside. What if they suddenly open the door.and see us like this?
S- bs bs.. enuf enuf 😂😏 or else again I’ll have to shut uo ur mouth. Shall I??
He smirks and anika blushed 😊😊😍
S- so what. Let them think. We r married we can do anything anywhere anytime.
A- acchaawwww😏😏😏
S- yes only you don’t permit me. Whut can I do then😞😞😞
A- awwwww😘😘😍😘😍😘

SHe pulls shivaye into a kiss and dominates. Shivaye shocked to look at the bold side of his wife but he is enjoying it😍😏😊😊😮😮
S- OMG! I didn’t know my wife could be that bold😏😏
A- me bohut kuch krskti hu. Akhir m ur wife na😋😋😋
S- accha. Comes more close to her. What else can you do.
Anika getting to know his intentions. Pushes him
A- shut up Shivaye. Nd she blushes😊😊
She starts to leave. Shivaye holds her hand.
S- wait I wanna say sumthing.
A- ab kya h? I told u na. I am not getting bold here.😒
S- I love you anika. He said in a hurry

A- toh me kya kru??😒😒
On realising what Shivaye said she is shocked
A- Kya Kya? Whut did u just say??
S- shouts- I love you Anika. I luv u the most. I can’t live without you. U r my family. U always support me. U gave everything to my family. U brought back the old Shivaye. I love you Anika
Anika starts crying.
While outside
G- yelo hogya inka bhi confession 😋😋😂😂
O- but y is he shouting??
R- leave na O. Billu billu fight even in confessing. They must be Fighting who will confess first 😂😂
So- uffo cry baby. Shut up
Rudy makes a cry baby face

So- areey mera cry baby got sad. And she kisses him on his cheeks
R- hayeee sumo. I love you
Sumi smile and blushes
O- bs bs enuf baaki room me
G- I am sleepy omkara hi. Lets go sleep a
R- hn hn why won’t u be sleepy bhabhi. Aakir kaar u wanna go and have some private moments with ur pati dev. Rudy giggles 😂😂
Omri blush
O- Rudy u don’t wanna go??
So- no no Bhaiyya we r going.

Omri laugh
G- itti jldi to hmko bhi nhi h soumya😂😂
Rumya blush
Omri and rumya went to shivika
Om knocks
Shivika apart as shivaye was hugging Anika who was crying.
O- shivaye we unlocked u and we r going. Bye
Shivika- gud night
Omri and rumya- good night and plz don’t shout😂😋
Shivika go to their room.
S- anika bs. Stop crying jaan.
A- m not crying m happy. M On the top of the world.
S- ohh. But m angry😡
A- why??
S- no one replied to my I love you.😥😥😞

A- ohhhhh. Toh who was gonna reply??
This made shivaye angry and he leaves to the pool side.
Anika cones there and hugs shivaye
S- now what?😒😒 Why r u here? Who r u to hug me??
A- who r u stop me from hugging my hubby😒😒😡😡
S- I am the gr8 Shivaye Singh Oberoi
A- acchaawwww. M gr8 sso’s wife.😒 She smirks
And no one can win frm wives. Not even God😂😂
S- hn wo to h. And vese bhi my case is extremely diff. My wife is to non stop radio 😂
A- enuf now. Listen to me. Chup chap.

S- ok madam. He pouts
A- I love you shivaye 😘😘😘. She kisses his cheeks
Shivaye still silent
A- Shivaye say sumthing
S- u said me to stay quiet 😭😭
A- she laughed and says now u can speak 😘😊. She kisses him again.
Shivika hug
S- Never leave me Anika
A- I’ll never and u to never leave me

S- pkkaa😘😘
Shivaye pushes anika in the pool while he was Still holding her by her waist. Both fall into the pool.
A- irritated whut is this shivaye. Meko to giraya hi khud bhi for Gaye😂😂😂
S- I told u na. I’ll never leave you😘😘
A- awwwww
All three have sum quality time. Guys let other things be a secret😎😋😋😉😉

5 years later..
3 kids are decorating a craddle in the OM hall
Kid 1( shivika)- what yrr rudraksh you r soo dheela. Kuch to acche SE kr. Bandar.😂😂
Kid3(rudraksh)- haww di. How can u say like that to ur only brother?? M ur sagga Bhai. He fake cries.

Kid2(omika)- stop it guys. Shivika and rudraksh you both shud be together. Not fight all the time
Shivaksh(shivika+rudraksh)- stop omika/di don’t start ur lecture again

Guys these are kids of our pairs.
Shivika’s shivika
Omri’s. Omika and rumya’s rudraksh.

A pregnant lady enters the hall holding hands of two ppl.
( She is Anika holding om and Rudy)
Shivika (sh)- mummaaa😘😘 she runs towards her.and is about to hug her bone crashingly while gauri and sumo enter.
G- baby noo… A sweetheart hug. No tight hugs. Ur bro/ sis will get hurt otherwise
Sh- ok Chachi
And she hugs Anika. All smile.
All go to their mummas and are busy. Omru looking at all of them and smiling.
Shivaye enteres

Anika is excited and she gets up and speedly moves towards him to hug him
A- Shivaye!! She kisses him on his cheeks. Where were u.
Sh- me too mumma
A- aww mela baby. Come she then kisses shivika. All kids run to her. Bdi maa we too.😘😘
All smile.
S- now can I talk to my wife if u bccha party agree??
All kids- of course but only if we get ice cream 😍
G- come I’ll give ice cream to everyone.
Everyone go. Only shivika are left.
A- areey gauri m also coming. Even I want ice cream 😍😘
S holds her by hand- where my jhansi ki Rani.?? M giving u na. Sweetest ice cream.
He kisses Anika
She blushes.

A- kya Shivaye aap bhi. Whut if sum1 would have seen?
S- so what u r my wife. Nd these kids didn’t come frm air na😂😂
A- ohoo u na😂
S- accha u remember what is today??
A- yes.. today is our 5th anniversary
S- anniversary?? It just passed 3 mnths back.
A- areey buddhu Singh Oberoi. Today we confessed our luv na. Toh today Is our actual anniversary.
S- awwww
They both hug

S- but Anika m srry. I can’t lift u the way I lifted u that day. He bursts out and while laughing says. U have become too fat anu. And SEe me m still handsome, fit and hot.
Aaj bhi ldkiya mrti h Shivaye Singh Oberoi or
A- ohhhhh Mr. Tadibaaz itta h to go to those girls only. 😑😑
Shivaye pulls her back and say srry meri jhansi ki Rani 😘😘
A- hmm. Only if we go out to eat ice cream.
S- now??
A- yess!
S- as u wish ma’am 😍😍

——The end—–





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