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Ishqbaaz ff by crystal – Part 2 Written Update

Ishqbaaz ff by crystal – Part 2 Written Update

In Oberoi mansion
Everybody gathers for breakfast

Shivaay: bade papa when are the Malhotra’s coming for signing the deal …?

Tej : they will be coming after 2 days..

Rudra: again they are talking about business…

Om: right rudra… I think they don’t have any other topic…

Pinky: Shivaay till when are you talkings about business..

Shivaay: what do you mean mom…?

Pinky: I means when you have decided to get marry.. when u will become old..

Omru giggles …😜😜

 Ishqbaaz ff by crystal – Part 2 Written Update

Shivaay:mom I have not decided yet..

Shakti: Shivaay actually I forgot to you that today raj has invited our family for lunch..

Shivaay: raj singhaniya..ur and bade papa’s best friend..?

Shakti: yes

Shivaay:why anything special..?

Shakti: no nothing like that..it’s been so long we have met..

Jhanvi: yaa..it’s been long we have also not met Ragini ..

Tej:so it’s final we are going ..

Pinky: kya pata waha par shivaay ko koi ladki pasand aajaye.. they have 3 daughters .. and one son..

Rudra: 3 daughters ..!!!! They are hot or not..?

All: shut up rudra..

Rudra makes puppy face..everyone laughs…

Singhaniya mansion..
Breakfast table..

Anika is thinking something..

Raj: ohh Anika puttar..what are you thinking that u are not eating ur breakfast..

Anika: dad I m thinking how to take revenge from Rishi bhai..

Ragini: u started again…

Anika (fake cry) : no mom it’s about my self respect .. if I let him go now ..then he will again do this in future..
(Guys Rishi is not there on breakfast table)

Ragini(sighing) : as ur wish..

She sees Rishi coming .. an idea 💡 comes to her mind..

She pour the water on the floor.,
(Now u guyzz know what will happen)

Rishi comes and suddenly THUDD….

He is on the floor making faces as cry baby..and everyone is laughing like hell including Tanu..

Tanu: good job Anika

Gausou: yes di . Very good..

Anika (praising herself): thank u

Raj (while stopping his laugh ) : ok enough .. I want to tell u something..

All: go ahead

Raj: today I have invited tej , Shakti and his whole family for lunch..

Ragini: really I m so happy… I was thinking to meet pinky and jhanvi..

Gauri: I heard that they have 3 sons and one daughter..

Saumya: just our opposite…

Anisoumri: are they are good looking ..

Rishi: nothing can happen with these 3

Anisoumri: learned from u only..






Ishqbaaz ff by crystal – Part 2 Written Update

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