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Ishqbaazi Kahani (Episode 3) Written Update

Ishqbaazi Kahani (Episode 3) Written Update

Flash back
Shakti: rohan I like ur daughter as my babu
Rohan: this is good news shakti. I like shivaay.
Shakti: but rohan if I ask directly about marriage he will reject. Anika want to work in other company so she can work with shivaay.
Rohan: okay then they will fall for each other. Every one smile.
Flash back end
Shivaay: papa but how u sure that I will appoint anika
Shakti: because she is very intelligent girl
Anika and shivaay look each other.
ROHAN: LET’S start the function.
Anika and shivaay start to exchange the ring . a voice come from the entrance of the house
Voice: anika without us u start.

Ishqbaazi Kahani (Episode 3) Written Update

Everyone look at them shivaay didn’t understand them but anika have a smile on her face.
Anika: gauri and anand………
They come and hug her.
Om : why she come here ?
Gauri see om : u here.
Everyone look at them
Anika: gauri how u know om
Gauri: anika I’m telling about one om that om is he.
Shivaay: gauri, he is my brother.
Anika: rudra also his broter
Gauri: hii rudra
Rudra: hi didi……
Anika: shivaay, gauri is my little sister and anand is my best friend
Shivaay: best friend??

Anika moves to anand and starts to talk….seeing this shivaay feel jealous. This is notice by our omru
Rudra: something is burning
Om: yes rudra something is burning in jealous.
Shivaay: shut up omru.
Sakti : now we can start the function
Anika and shivaay exchange the ring and everyone clapped
Everyone busy with guest shivaay hold anika’s hand.
Anika: shivaay what r u doing.
Shivaay: anika I want to tell u something.
Anika: then tell
Shivaay: anika when I see u first I feel something for u but I ignore but after we become friends I’m really love with u anika. I love u anika. Shivaay kiss on her hand. Anika starts to blush.
Shivaay: anika I’m waiting for ur reply.
All guest leave

Rohan: shakti I’m happy that our plan success and now we also leaving.
Anjali: anika beta we can also go come.
Everyone bid bye to each other except shivika
Gauri: didi I think u r not coming with us (teasing). Every one start to laugh.
Anika(blush): no I’m coming.
Raizada family leave but shivaay feel sad
Om: what happen shivaay
Shivaay: nothing
Rudra: om I think bhai is miss bhabi and give hifi to om
Shivaay: shut up and go and sleep.
In raizada family
Anika is think about shivaay confession and a smile come in her face.
Then anand come to anika’s room.
Anand: so u r getting married to ur billuji
Anika: anand u know when I see him first I fall in love. But I didn’t show it to him.
Anand: anika u , love in first sight I can’t believe it. How many seniors r behind u but u don’t even mind them.now u telling about love at first sight.
Anika: I’m telling true anand.
Anand: okay . anika I feel sleepy I’m going gud night
Anika: gud night.
Anand leave from her room then she see shivaay in front of her.

She can’t believe.
Anika: shivaay how u come to my room did anyone see u.
Shivaay: no but
Anika: but?
Shivaay: but I hear u and anand conversation
Anika: ahh??????? Feeling something wowo
Shivaay: plz confess in front of me anika
Anika move close to shivaay and hug him and tell shivaay I love u so much
Shivaay feel so happy and break the hug and hold her by waist.
Shivaay: so u love me so much and look at her lip .
Anika understand his intension and push him slightly
Anika: now go shivaay anyone see us then it is not go
Shivaay: I don’t want to go
Anika stare at him then shivaay leave from there and anika smile at his childish behavior and went for a good sleep.






Ishqbaazi Kahani (Episode 3) Written Update

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