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Isqbaaz ShivIka True love wins 2S Written Update

Isqbaaz ShivIka True love wins 2S Written Update

Hello peeps… 🙋🙋🙋🙋 Hope you all are fine. And I want to say few things but at last as of now enjoy this. 👇👇

As soon as Shakti successfully stopped Shivay from following Mahi all Oberois come forward and hugged him while Anika is looking at him from away and Shivay looked at her and speak

Shivay: Anika why are you standing there alone come here…

Pinky: Yes Anika comes here beta… (Okay I want this scene in IB.)

Rudra: Anika Bhabhi come na…

Isqbaaz ShivIka True love wins 2S Written Update

Anika smiled at them and started moving towards him but soon she stopped in her way as soon as she saw Kamini who is hiding behind car in parking lot and she pull out her gun and triggered at Shivay, And Anika shivered seeing this and her throat went dry and flashes of past when Shivay shot saving her on loharibstarted playing in her mind and her eyes is about to pop out cause of fear as soon as she saw Kamini triggered the trigger of gun and soon coming to her senses she shout Shivay and run in his direction putting fastest person on earth to same and before bullet can hit Shivay she was in front of him.

And next second before any one can understand anything they saw Anika get shot and falling down and bullet hit her near her heart but Shivay catch her on time and hold her in his arms and a loud shout escape from him “Anika”…

All Oberois are stunned to see sight in front of them and Dadi, Jahnavi and Om also are now there hearing all shout and next second Tej speak

Tej: Shivay we need to move towards hospital now and Shivay nodded her hand and composing him self he scoop her in his arms and run towards car and OmRu run and Rudra take driver sit and Om sit beside her and Shivay with full delicacy entered in back seat while other Oberois are get settled in other car and Saumya Tej Shakti trying to handle all the ladies who are crying.

And soon breaking all the rules of traffic made in constitution Rudra stop his car in front of hospital and Om opened door of back seat and Shivay scooping her in his arms run inside and next second seeing him Dr.run towards him(Okay all know him so Obliviously attended him first.). And soon she is taken to OT.

And by now all other Oberois reach to hospital and same time Shivay received call from Khanna and he picked up in haste and hearing words from Khanna

Khanna: Sir, we’ve catch Kamini and she have shot bullet earlier we saw that in CCTV but she is not agreeing with it and we already had catch her with gun.

And this boiled Shivay’s blood and forgetting where he is standing he shout rather to say burst out his anger

Shivay: Make her spit out truth by hook or crook, blo*dy she how dare she tried to shot my Anika??? Wait I am coming.

And all Oberois try to stop him but he is not in mood to sit back calmly this time so without paying heed to any of their argument he move towards car followed by OmRu and here in OT Anika’s operation started.

On the way to OM, Om called cop and soon they reached OM and Shivay rush inside and seeing Kamini sitting with calmness boiled his blood more and his anger reached to next level and forgetting everything he walk towards her whose hands are ties with chair on which she is sitting and holding her neck in tight grip he spoke

Shivay: How dare you??? I told you to stay away from my family… But you shot my wife now I won’t leave you.

And cause of his grip Kamini is not able to breath normally and seeing her OmRu tried to stop Shivay but he is blind in rage and ready to kill her with his bare hand. (Okay, obliviously he won’t spare person who tried to kill his Anika.)

But before he can do such thing he heard commissioner’s voice

Commissioner: Mr.Oberoi you can’t take law in your hand we are here we’ll take care of her.

Shivay sighed and leave her neck, but being kamini Kamini she try to press his wrong nerve and speak

Kamini: I’ve not shot that bullet to kill her that was for you but your stubborn wife come in between but now she is not here.

And before anyone can register her words she take gun of cop standing near her and pointed at him but before she can triggered it bullet from commissioner hit her neck and within few seconds she close her eyes permanently and commissioner speak looking into ShivOmRu’s direction

Commissioner: We don’t have another option and none of you are at fault of it and I’ handle everything.

And Shivay thanked him and before they can have further conversation Shivay received call from Shakti and he received it in haste and he speak

Shivay: Hello Papa.

Shakti: Shivay beta.

But he can’t speak further his voice cracked. Shivay’s heart skipped a beat with thought something wrong is happened and his hand shivered but controlling his urge to cry out loud he speak

Shivay: Papa, is everything alright??? Anika is okay right??? Nothing happened to her na??? (His breathes are heavy.)

Shakti: (Composing him self) Have you all left for hospital???

Shivay: We are on our way papa.

And he signed to OmRu to move towards car and they started driving back to hospital.

Shakti: Shivay, Operation is lil complicated then they thought so thy need sign of Anika’s husband on papers before finishing it so come soon.

Shivay is having hard time controlling him self and this is heard by OmRu as Rudra have snatched phone from Shivay and have kept it on speaker. And seeing situation of Shivay Om replied to Shakti and disconnected call…

Okay here is 1st shot of my work on current track. So how it is???? Leave your feedback.

And now time for some discussion I heard from few readers that I am spoiling their excitement and mood and interest on current track by my writing so who ever have problem listen me carefully initially I was upset and have thought deleting my 2 work(will be done soon) but now I won’t do that and I’ve advice for such reader plz don’t read it if it is spoiling your mood and interest and excitement because just because of you few I can’t stop my urge to write on current track which is loved by my other readers.

And, yeah sorry for being rude and stern, And those words are only for the persons who are having problem with my work not all.

Now signing off. Tomorrow final shot will be up. Now do leave your feedback aka review aka precious comment. ☺☺☺🙏🙏🙏🙏




Isqbaaz ShivIka True love wins 2S Written Update

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