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Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 15 Written Update

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 15 Written Update

Hey everyone! Before I start with today’s episode … I need to say something really badly… I want all of you to be really frank with me & if you don’t even like a comma in the ff please let me know … I have been getting very few comments of lately & I am losing out on my regular readers. So plz if there is any issue do let me know & if there is no problem then please comment kar do ….
Anyways let’s start with the episode

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 15 Written Update

Sona: Elena slow down … Elena … Ele
Vicky: Woaah !! Elena … humari bus hai tum kaha ghusi chali aa rahi ho? (Why are you coming in our bus?)
Sona: Can you please be sensitive Vicky.
One day after school Elena was heading towards Sona, Dev, Jatin & Vicky’s bus. She was not looking in a mood to address Vicky’s nonsense. She pushed Vicky & made her way into the bus. Vicky followed her & held her hand
Vicky: Say sorry
Elena: Sorry bolegi meri jutti (My shoe will say sorry)
Vicky: Accha bulwa ke dikhao?(Make it say then)
Elena stamped her feet & crushed Vicky’s toes under her feet’s weight.
Vicky: Ouch!!!
Sona: Serve’s you right
All of them settled down on the last seat of the bus. Just then Jatin entered the bus.
Jatin: Elena apna rasta bhool gayi kya? What are you doing in our bus?
Sona: Her parents are out of station … So she’ll stay with me for a month & go with us in the bus …
Elena: Jaao ab (Go)
Jatin: Where?
Elena: Qutub Minar
Vicky: Why?

Elena: Coz both of you have got the answer to the question of the millennium … Mai tumhari bus me kaise ? Get that printed in tomorrow’s newspaper. MORONS!
Jatin: Oho you’re still upset about your ipod being confiscated?
Elena: Confiscated?? It has been looted by that LADY BACCHAN
Sona: Why were you listening to songs in the Chemistry class?
Elena: Because I can’t bear that lecture… kuch samajh aata nahi hai & complain nahi kar sakte nahi to practicals me number nahi milenge… Why did Lady Bacchan had to come for a surprise inspection then & there?
Vicky: We signaled you to put it back but tujhe hi daredevil banna tha now you’ll have to suffer
Elena: Ha ha saari galti to meri hi hai ( It’s all my fault (sarcasm) )
Sona: Jatin where is Dev?

Jatin: Must be coming … busy with the final round of interview for the head boy … I’m sure he’ll make it…
Sona looked outside the window. Dev was standing outside the bus & was merrily chatting with Natasha
SONA’S POV: Again Natasha… Well she is better than me in all aspects … except when it comes to studies… I have no right to question Dev about his proximity with Natasha … he’s not my boyfriend… I love him …. But that doesn’t compel him to love me in return … but… but it’s paining here inside.
Dev entered the bus along with his rabbit smile
Dev: Hey Elena! What are you doing here?
Elena: You are late dude … Jatin & Vicky have already made the discovery… The noble prize will go to them
Dev: Oho still upset about your ipod?
Sona: Hell upset
Dev: We’ll get it for you …
Elena: How?
Jatin: We’ll all get dressed up in black
Vicky: & we’ll go to Disc… Disco Deewane aahan aahan
Jatin: Shut Up
Dev: We’ll steal it from her house
Sona: Or we can unleash my neighbour’s dogs … they’ll bite her & we can get the ipod
Jatin: Or or or … we can make this stress ball sit on her … Sona catch it
Sona: Stress ball?
Jatin: Stress ball = Sona … round round … get it get it?
Sona threw the ball right at Jatin’s face
Sona: Bull’s eye
No silly stupid idea could make Elena smile
Vicky: Aditi has de has de has de has de tu zara nahi to bas thoda thoda thoda muskura
Elena: Who Aditi?
Vicky: Gaana hai yaar
Dev(sings) : Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaise daaru desiiiii … Khatti meethi baatein hain nashe si … jaise daaru desi
Sona(sings): Ladhkhadene lagi … gungane lagi … bewajah har jagah aane jaane lagi … tu mujhe mai tujhe jo bhi ho dil mein wo khul ke batane lagi
Chorus: Chadhi mujhe yaari teri aisi jaise daaru desiiiii … Khatti meethi baatein hain Nashe sii jaise daaru desi
Finally Elena smiled
Elena: I love you all
Sona: Awwww
Sona hugged Elena.
Dev: Uhm Uhm … Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost (There’s still something left)
Dev opened his bag & started searching for something…
Elena: My Ipod! Where did you find it?
Dev: Asked Lady Bacchan to give it …
Vicky: & she gave it …
Dev: She had to give it …
Jatin: Why?

Dev: Because your friend is now the officially elected head boy of the school !!!!!!!
A round of applause, hooting & cheers for Dev followed. The teacher in charge of the bus had to step in to make them quiet. After some time…
Sona: Congrats … I knew it that you’ll make it … Who’s the head girl?
Dev: Natasha
Sona: Natasha?
Dev: Yes Natasha
Sona: Why Natasha
Dev: Sonakshi … I’ve prepared something for you
Sona: What?
Dev: Pagla howar badol dine pagol amar mon jege othe
Chenasonar kon baire je je je
Sona: Jekhane
Dev: Jekhane path nai nai re … Sekha … ummm … forgot … messed it up… Sorry
Sona: Why did you prepare this song?
Dev: The day when we were returning from Agra … you were singing this right? I thought that let’s give a surprise to you but it all went wrong
Sona: It was perfect
Dev: Just Perfect?
Sona: Just Perfect
Dev: I promise that I’ll learn a full song in Bengali … This was Rabindrasangeet … I’ll look for another such song & sing it on your birthday
Sona: You’ll learn a song that too … that too … in Bengali
Dev: No … I’ll learn a song in YOUR language … that’s my motivation
Sona: But why?
Silence. Dev became speechless
Sona: Mr Obhodro … Tum Eakdum
Dev: Eakdum Smart, Intelligent, Handsome
Sona: Tumi Eakdum Impossible
That night Dev could not sleep. He got up, came out in his balcony. He remembered his day at school… His thoughts got stuck at the point where Sona had asked him … ‘But Why?’
Dev’s POV: But why? Good question Sona … I am going on doing things completely bizarre … completely not Dev Dixit style … all for you & when you asked me today … why ? I had no answer … Some whys should not be answered … I don’t know why Sonakshi … All I know is that when you smile & when your eyes sparkle everything is perfect in my world but when you are sad & you cry thousands of daggers pierce my heart… I promise you that I’ll never let you cry again in your life ….




Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 15 Written Update

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