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Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 16 #First rain Written Update

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 16 #First rain Written Update

One day after school, a long queue was waiting to give auditions for the last part in the Nukkad Natak to be performed by the school team in an upcoming interschool competition. Sona was standing on the last spot
Kahi to Sona kahi to time se pahuch … yaha bhi late … last me khadi hai ab to pakka ye role haath se chala jaayega.
“Sonakshi…” Yammu ma’am called her

YM: Yaha kya kar rahi hai?(What are you doing here?)
Sona: I’m going to audition for the Nukkad Natak.
YM: Good good but for which part?
Sona: The last role that’s left … opposite Dev
YM: Do you know everything about that role?
Sona: All I know is it’s opposite Dev (& that’s all that matters)
YM: Ohk … Do it if you want … but… honestly I feel … you should not do it… tumhe aur Dev ko dekh lagta nahi ki tum…

Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 16 #First rain Written Update

Sona:Ki hum ?
YM: Never mind … Have you seen Nikkita?
Sona: Nikkita0194?
YM: Yes… yes that Nikkita only
Sona: Must be in the front
YM: She was looking for me … So I’ve come… I’ll go & look for her … ALL THE BEST
Sona: Thanks ma’am

(Nikss are you happy now?)
One by one everyone went for the audition, no one could please the teachers… There were two girls left before Sonakshi. Just then Dev came out of the auditorium.
Dev: Sona … why have you come here? I told you this role is not for you.
Sona: Let the teacher’s decide whether I am suitable or not
Dev: Fine … do it if you feel like …but I never thought that you’ll agree to …
Dev went away dejected leaving his sentence in the middle…
Sona’s chance came. She went inside & started her audition. She started saying the dialogues with full conviction. Everyone got impressed until

Sona: Aap mere liye ho sab kuch … fir bhi jao watan ka farz nibhao … B.. Bh.. B
Teacher: Bolo beta… tumne best kia hai tumhe hi ye role milega
Sona nodded & tried to say that word again B.. Bh… B
Teacher: Ek ‘Bhaiya’ bolne mei itni mehnat kyu kar rahi ho?

SONA’S POV: Mar gayi … Yeh Dev ki sister ka role hai … Shitt …That’s why everyone was telling me not to do it & I thought that they were underestimating me. Kuch bhi ho jaaye mai Dev ko bhaiya nahi bolne wali… Never never never, never in this life atleast… not after this life also … Na Ekdom na (This is Dev’s sis role… Whatever may happen I’ll never call him Brother)
Sona: Uhh … Ma’am I forgot … I’ve got to go…
Teacher: Finish your audition… You are selected
Sona: No no no … I can’t … Wo actually competition wale din … mere Uncle’s daughter’s cousin’s father’s in law’s brother in law’s neice’s daughter’s wedding is there… Just slipped out of my mind…

Sona took her bag & ran out of the auditorium. Suddenly an idea came to her mind, she stopped, turned around & said
Sona: Ma’am … I think Natasha, our honorable head girl, should do this part… She should become DEV’S SISTER … Just to save the school’s reputation
The teachers agreed to it readily.

Standing in a corner, Dev smirked.
There was a park in the locality where Devakshi lived. There was a temple nearby & Asha and her sister were sitting inside it listening to the Kirtan happening. Sona came out of that temple & settled on a bench in the park. The bench faced the backyard of Dev’s house.


Oh My God! That’s Dev’s house… God please please he should not come out … I am already feeling embarrassed after what happened at the stayback today. What will I say? Why didn’t I finish that audition? … Please Bhagwan Ji … Acche Bhagwan ji … Dev ko bahar mat bhejna (Don’t send Dev out)
I guess Sona’s prayers couldn’t reach god’s ears because of the loud music of the kirtan or was he conspiring something else because Dev came out in his balcony wearing a black three piece suit.

Dev’s POV
I hate these business parties that Dad holds every month… I just can’t bear them … Should I sneak out to the park? Just for some fresh air…
Wait a minute… Is that person Sonakshi? Yes she is …

Sona’s POV
Pakdi gayi … Where do I hide? I don’t want to face him
Dev waved
Sona waved back
Dev tried saying something but Sona couldn’t hear it. So she signaled with her hands that she can’t hear him.

Just then someone’s phone rang…
Chahe tum kuch na kaho
Maine sun liya ke saathi pyar ka
Tumhe chun liya
Maine sun liya
Tumhe chun liya…
SONA’S POV: Had hi ho gayi (That’s too much) … As it is I can’t face him after my stunt today & this aunty has to play such songs right now… I am blushing… Uff where do I hide?
Where has Dev gone? Just now he was there in the balcony… Guess he has gone inside … Good … I am saved.

No no Sona the writer of this ff can’t have so much mercy on you… Saamne dekh

SONA’S POV: OMG!! He is coming … coming towards me … Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
No use. Dev came & stood right in front of her.
Dev: Hii…

Sona’s POV: Kya hii … meri hai hai hone wali hai (UUhhh … How do I translate it?)
Dev: Sonakshi what are you doing here? It’s about to rain … Let’s find some shelter
Sona: Shelter? Shelter from what … now there’s no scope of taking any kind of shelter … I am drenched in your rain of love … No other form of rain can make me wet
Dev: Huh? Did you same something?

Sona: No … no nothing
Dev: Good … chalein

Sona: Baarish hi to hai … chupna kya hai? (It’s just rain … no need to hide)
Dev: Why? Tumne khud ko Erica Fernandez & mujhe Shaheer Sheikh samjha hai … jo hum baarish mei bheeg ke KRPKAB ki tune pe dance karenge? (Do you consider yourself Erica & me as Shaheer that we’ll dance in the rain to the tune of KRPKAB)
Sona: Don’t you dare make fun of my favorite serial.
Just as the two were ready to fire at each other the clouds decided to extinguish the fire before it starts. One after the other a chain of raindrops made their way through the sky & landed on the Earth. Dev ran & stood beneath a tree while Sona opened her arms & embraced the rain with a smile.

Dev: Madam … come here
Sona: You come here
Dev: I’ll get wet
Sona: So what … it’s water not fire coming from the sky
Dev: Are you mad you’ll catch a cold?
Sona: Who cares?

Dev: Sonakshi…
Sonakshi refused to listen & just enjoyed the rain
Dev: Fine you win … I’m coming.
As soon as he stepped out his foot landed in a pit filled of water.
Dev: Chheee
Sona: Stop behaving like a cat & come here.
Dev went near Sona & asked her, “What next?”

Sona: What next? … Are baba … enjoy … it’s raining
Dev: So?
Sona: Tumna Obhodro ke obhodro hi rehna ( You stay as Mr Obhodro for your entire life)… Can’t you hear the song that the raindrops are conjuring…
Dev: Fine I’m trying….
Chehre mein tere,
Khud ko main dhoondun
Aankhon ke darmiyaan
Tu ab hai iss tarah

Khwaboon ko bhi jagah na mile
Sona felt something near her waist. It was Dev.
Dev: Will you dance with me?
Sona nodded
Ye mausam ki baarish
Ye baarish ka paani
Ye paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi to dhundhein
Ye milne ki khwahish
Ye khwahish poorani
Ho poori tujhi se meri yeh kahani

A newspaper came flying. It crashed straight at Sona’s face.
Dev: Sonakshi? Sonakshi? Kaha kho gayi?
Sona realized that it was just a dream sequence
Sona’s POV: Aaj to meri band bajane wali thi Dev ke saamne (Today I’ll get embarrassed in front of Dev)
Sona: Nothing … I guess I’ll have to leave… Maa is calling
Dev: Sure … Good Bye
Sona: Good Bye

Dev: If not Sharica … do you think that I am Arjun & you’re Shraddha … Both Kapoor … who else has the same surname ….. Yes …Siblings do have the same surname ? Sibling reminds me of…
Sona ran way & Dev stood there smiling…
Dev’s POV: Listen to the song that the raindrops conjure … Let’s try
Dev felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around … It was Sona offering a dance

Kabhi tujh mein utrun
To saason se guzruun
To aaye dil ko raahat
Main hoon be-thikana
panah mujhko paana
Hai tujh mein
De ijazat
Na koi darmiyaan
Hum dono hai yaahan
Phir kyu hai tu bata faasley…
Yeh mausam ki baarish…
That same newspaper came flying again & crashed at Dev’s face… He too realized that it was a dream…

Dev stood there for a while, smiling at his condition, laughing at the situation.
The only sound that could be heard was the wind rushing past him & the other sound came because of the happiness of the drops when they met the Earth.
Dev could now listen to the music conjured by the drops because HIS ZAMEEN has met HIS BAARISH

Precap: Trouble! Trouble!





Jo Tu Mera Humdard Hai … part 16 #First rain Written Update

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