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kriyam – u r my strength Episode 105 Written Update

kriyam – u r my strength Episode 105 Written Update

Episode 105
Krishna n sayyam were Still Sleeping Peacefully in Eachother’s Embrace n their Sleep got Disturbed by a Call on sayyam’s Phone.
Krishna : ( Sleepy ) sayyam..ur Phone is Ringing..plzz pick it up..
Sayyam : ( Sleepy Mood Too ) Noo Krishna..let it ring..feeling Sleepy ( Tightens the Grip of His Hold on Krishna’s in his Embrace )
Krishna : ( Tightens too ) Hmm Bt sayyam its disturbing. .Pick it Once na…maybe its Imp..
Sayyam : Hmm ok..wait..
He Release Krishna from His Embrace n Picks the Call Up.

kriyam – u r my strength Episode 105 Written Update

Os : Hello Mr sayyam Birla….hope u n ur Wife had a Safe n Good Flight..
Sayyam : (Widens His Eyes) ohh Hello Maa.. ..ya we reached Safely..thnks fr the Concern ( Smiles )
Suhani : ( Smiles back ) Ur Welcome beta.. How is Krishna….. I hope she is enjoying..
Sayyam : Yes maa… But now we were just sleeping becoz of tiredness… Wait a second I’ll pass the phn to krishna…
Krishna talks with suhani for sometimes n keep the phn..
Sayyam pulled Krishna towards him n Sleep again taking Krishna in His Embrace.just then Krishna Woke Up in Excitement.
Krishna : ( Excited ) sayyam utho..get up fast…u told we will go out na…plzz get up..
Sayyam : ( Sleepy Mood ) No Krishna..nt now…. after sometimes we will go…m really tired after the Long Journey. . ( Takes Blanket Over His Face n Sleeps )
Krishna : ( Sad ) Bt sayyam u told na we will go out today…plzz get up.. ( Shakes sayyam to get up )
Sayyam : ( Still Sleeping ) No Krishna…plzz m tired…u also sleep na..
Krishna : ( Sad Said Yes with Mood Off ) Ok..then let’s Sleep more…

Krishna also Layed on other Side of Bed Facing Her back towards sayyam n was Really Upset… Sayyam who was Pretending to b Sleepy Woke Up Slowly with a Naughty Smile n Went to Washroom to get Ready without Krishna Being Notice Him.He Entered da Washroom n was Laughing Seeing Krishna’s Face through Mirror.
Sayyam : Krishna u r soo Cute…I Promised to make this Trip ur Best Trip na so hw can i break ur Heart at First Day itself… ( Smiles ).we will surely Go Out Today My Jaan.
While sayyam was in Washroom Swara turned towards sayyam in Sleep n Tried to Move towards His Chest bt Wen She Kept Her Head on His Chest She was Shocked to See sayyam not there.
Krishna : ( Shocked ) sayyam ?? Where did He Go nw ??
Krishna gets little Scared as she remembers That there are not in India… Krishna Called His Phone n was More Shocked to see His Phone on His Side Table only..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) sayyam ka Phone ? Ohh No..he forgot His Phone here..bt where did he go without his Mobile ?? ( Scared )
As she was Scared n Tensed fr sayyam Pacing Here n There in Room,She Heard a Voice of a Door Opening n was Surprised to see sayyam coming out of Washroom.She Was Relieved n Ran towards Him n Hugged Him Tightly Leaving sayyam Confused.

Sayyam : ( Hugs Her back ) Krishna..wat happened ?? Y r u Scared n Tensed ??
Krishna : ( Still Hugging Sayyam Tightly ) I got Scared wen i saw u were nt there in the room.i tried ur Phone too bt ur Phone was here only n got More Tensed fr u.. ( Tears Fell frm Her Eyes )
Sayyam:.. ( Emotional ) Aww ( breaks the Hug ) My jaan…where will i go leaving u …i won’t Leave u don’t worry.See m here only..nw stop Crying…n get Ready we r going out…
Krishna : ( Shocked n Excited ) Wat ?? Bt u told dat we r nt going out …
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Cups Her Face ) i was joking..to irritate u…we will surely go out..nw chalo go n get ready…
Krishna : ( Excited ) Haa ok..give me 5 Mins i will get ready…
Sayyam : Hmm ok…waise 5 Mins bola hai kahi 1 Ghanta mat laga dena ( Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Hits on His Chest In Fun ) sayyam’s..i don’t take much time haa…( Pout Face )
Sayyam : Hmm Lets See..
After the conversation Krishna went to Washroom taking a Packet in Her Hand.
Sayyam : ( Confused ) what is it Krishna ?? Y r u taking dat Packet in the Washroom ??
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Surprise My Hubby.u will come to know in Sometime..
Sayyam : Hm Ok..come fast.

Krishna goes to washroom while sayyam sat on with his phn n started doing some work.
As sayyam was doing some work on his phn…Krishna comes out of Washroom n sayyam was Surprised n Shocked seeing Krishna n was Lost in Her Completely.He was Mesmerized seeing Krishna in a White Colour Off Shoulder Dress which was till Her Knees with Open Hair n a Long Earings.
Sayyam : ( Surprised n Mouth Opened ) Krishna… Wht is this ??
Krishna : ( Blushed n Moved towards sayyam ) Y u did nt Like it ?? I thought u will Like seeing me like this in different Style…
Sayyam : ( Moved Towards Her n Pulled towards Him by Holding Her Waist ) Liked ?? Krishna u r looking HOT…bt when did u Buy this Dress n hw did u buy ?? I mean u never had an Idea about such Dresses na..den ?? ( Looking In Her Eyes Continuously ).
Krishna : ( Looks Down in Shyness ) i didn’t Buy it..its yuvaani who Bought it without My Knowledge. She told me to Surprise u in Singapore..So Mr sayyam… did u Like the Surprise ??
Sayyam : ( Tightens the Grip n Pulls More Closer ) Krishna u r telling Liked ?? I Loved it Krishna …u r really Looking really Hot n Gorgeous in this New Avatar.U Always Awestruck Me Krishna… ( Moves towards Her Bare Shoulder n Caresses It Romantically )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam…come lets go . stop it..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) No Krishna..u Spoiled my Mood of Roaming..U Switched On My Romantic Mood…So Lets Do Some Romance now…
Swara : ( Pushes Him n Runs from His Hold n Laughs ) sayyam..nt nw My Dear Hubby n Romance has many ways too…lets do Roaming Romance nw…plzz lets go…
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ok Wife ..As ur Wish..Come Lets Go..

They Left their Room n Hotel fr Spending Some Quality Time Together Hand in Hand.They Reached a Sea Point n Started Enjoying.
Krishna : Sayyam look there Sea Point..Come Lets Go Plzz… ( She Drags sayyam to the Sea Point in Excitement
Sayyam : Ohk Krishna…bt Relax n Calm…don’t be Over Excited…
Krishna : ( Giggles ) heheii..😂😆…Sorry…
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Its Ok ..
They Reached the Sea Point n Started Enjoying… Krishna Suddenly Gets an Naughty Idea n Smiles Naughtily.
Krishna : Sayyam Listen ( Throws Water On sayyam… and Laughs )
Sayyam : ( Surprised ) Arrey Krishna…u threw Water on Me nw u Wait n Watch…Krishna Ki Bacchi…
Sayyam also Threw Water On Krishna n both Started throwing Water on Each other n Enjoyed Whole Heartedly.
Krishna : Aaow..sayyam ( Laughs n Runs ) Stop It
Sayyam: ( Laughs n Runs Behind Krishna ) Krishna Ruko..I won’t Leave u…
They Both Run n Enjoys wen Suddenly Krishna Was about to Slip bt sayyam sees it n Comes to Save bt His Legs Also Slips n Both Falls on Ground in Water with sayyam on Ground n Krishna on Top of Him.Both had a Small bt Yet a Passionate Eye Lock Lost in Each other’s Eyes Completely… (humdard song from ek villain plays on the background)
Kriyam were Completely Lost in Each other’s Eyes …after few minutes sayyam Got a Naughty Idea n Smiles Naughtily.
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Krishna.
Sayyam Throws Water on Swara n starts Running Immediately Leaving Swara Shocked n Angry.
Krishna : ( Angry ) sayyam…Cheater…Wait nw…
They again Starts Running to Teach Each other A Lesson bt Enjoying a Quality n Fun time Together….
Finally Both were Tired n Exhausted n Fell On Ground on Knees Laughing N Enjoying ..Krishna was In sayyam’s Embrace n Was Seen Happy in fact Super Happy n Excited in sayyam’s Embrace.
Swara : ( Tightens Her Grip in Embrace ) sayyam..Thank U Soo Much fr Making today’s Day Most Memorable. .I just Loved today’s Day…I LOVE U…Thank U fr Coming in My Life ..I LOVE U sayyam…
Sayyam : ( Tightens back in His Embrace ) I LOVE U Too Krishna…Promise Me u won’t Leave Me…
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa sayyam…I Promise u i won’t Leave you..pinky promise…yeh Krishna sayyam Birla ka Wada Hai aur Hum Birla s apna Wada nhi tode ( Winks at sayyam Smiling Naughtily )
Sayyam : ( Smiles back at Her ) Krishna…My Dialogue u r using on Me..lol..
Swara : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Haa Toh…after all m also a Birla na…





kriyam – u r my strength Episode 105 Written Update

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