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KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 27 Written Update

KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 27 Written Update

Episode 27
Dixit House
All d Dixits except Devakshi reach Dixit mansion. They go inside n Ishwari asks Suman n Twinkle to do d preparations of Sonakshi’s grahpravesh wid Kicchu bhaiya’s help. Suman n Twinkle go to d kitchen.
Ni: Neha di, Ria Di..Let’s go n check d decorations of bhaiya’s room..
Ku: now it’s not jst bhaiya’s room..It’s bhaiya n bhabhi’s room..

KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 27 Written Update

Devakshi’s car
Sona was still snobbing.. Dev couldn’t see her crying..
D: Sona..
So: hmm (still snobbing)
D: plzz stop crying Sonakshi..Now if u don’t stop crying, I’ll drink 10 cups of black coffee everyday..Strong one!!
So: No Dev..No black coffee..(warning him)
D: thank God u stopped crying..
So: Dev!! (Smiles n side hugs him)
D: driver, stop d car..
So: wat happened Dev??
D: I’ll be back in a minute..U be inside d car..
So: but Dev..(Dev quickly goes n comes back)
D: here.. (he hands over a box to Sonakshi)
So: (opening d box) ice cream!! Thank u so much Dev..
Both Dev n Sonakshi enjoy ice cream in d car..Meanwhile they reach Dixit House..All gather at d door to welcome the couple..Ishwari does their aarti..Neha n Suman place d rice bowl n Alta in front of Sonakshi..

Is: Sona, kick d rice bowl wid your feet.
Sonakshi does so..
Is: now step into dis Alta n walk inside d house.
Sonakshi puts her feet in d Alta n then walks in, leaving her footprints..
Ni: bhabhi..(appears suddenly out of nowhere) now it’s time for d finding d ring ritual.
She drags Devakshi towards d sofa..Twinkle brings d bowl of milk..
Su: so let’s start..
Tw: wait a minute bhabhi..There’s a change in it..
Is: wat change beta??
Ri: maa, me n Twinkle bhabhi hv planned to make it li’l more difficult.. We’ll add these 5 silver rings along wid dis gold ring..Then bhaiya n bhabhi hv to find d gold ring..
Ni: hawww!! U made dis plan n didn’t include me!! Nikki Dixit!!
Ri: yes we dod..any doubt!!
Ni: maa..
Is: stop it Ria Nikki..

Dev n Sonakshi both try to find d ring..Sometimes Dev found a silver ring n sometimes Sona..Finally Sonakshi finds d gold ring..
Ne: done..Bhabhi will rule over bhaiya..
Vi: but it’s best of three right??
Sh: ok..Let’s do best of three..
Dev wins d second time..N Sona wins d third time..
So: (whispers to Dev) so r u ready for my rules!!
D: (whispering) anytime ma’am 😉
Sona blushes 😊 suman sees it..
Su: now I think we shud take them to their room.
Is: yes yes..Suman, u n Neha take them to their room.
Tw: maa, me too..
Ri: if Twinkle bhabhi is going, then me too..
Ni: I hv to go..
Sh: y only girls?? Me too..
Ku: if Bhai is going, wat’ll I do here alone..Me too
RR: jiji..
Mamaji: (interrupts mamiji) now will u also go Radha Rani!!
RR: no no..I was saying, if all r going then..Take Vicky along..
Is: yes, y not..
Mamaji: but Ishwari..
Is: let him go bhaiya..U go Vicky..

Devakshi’s room
Before Dev cud open d door, NRN, Suman n Twinkle stand Infront of d door n demand for nek..Dev gives them their spcl nek..He gifts Suman a saree, Twinkle a pair of earrings, Neha a smart pom-pom kurti, Ria a watch n Nikki an iPad..
D: your bhabhi has selected your gifts..
Sonakshi smiles at them n all thank her..As soon as d girls move, Shravan, Kunj n Vicky come n stand there..Dev gives them a wat look..
Ku: now do we hv to beg for our nek..
D: but only girls get nek..
Sh: girls!! They’re ladies..Espclly sumo..
Su: Shravan!!
Ku: u give us nek today, tomorrow we’ll become girls for u..
D: (laughs) dats not needed..I wud hv given even if u had not asked..
He gifts Shravan a wallet, Kunj a pair of sunglasses n Vicky an iPhone..(sorry guys no idea abt boys’ gifts)
They move aside n Devakshi enter their room..Ria notices something..
Ri: bhaiya, when did u eat ice cream during d marriage?? We didn’t serve u though..
D: (stuttering) ice cream..Me?? No..
Ri: then wats on your face??
Dev sees his face in d mirror n sees ice cream near his lips..He quickly wipes it..
D: I don’t know how it came?? I didn’t eat ice cream..
Ri: Haan..icecream must hv fallen on your face deliberately na..
All laugh.. Sonakshi too giggles..All say them goodnight n leave d room..Dev holds Sonakshi’s hand n makes her sit on d bed..
D: u must be tired right?? Wait a minute..
He removes d garlands from both of their neck n keeps them on a chair..He takes her to d mirror n makes her sit Infront of d mirror..He removes all her heavy jewellery, wid utmost care, n keeps them on d table..He removes all d pins from her hair, ever so gently n slowly, trying not to hurt her..N all dis while Sonakshi jst stares at him through d mirror..Dev looks at Sonakshi through d mirror n they smile at each other..He takes her to d bed..Both lie down..Dev embraces Sonakshi n she keeps her head on Dev’s arm..N both fall asleep..Screen freezes on Devakshi..

PRECAP: pakka, first day of married life..N a surprise..N a wicked planning..U know by whom..




KRPKAB Devakshi ff episode 27 Written Update

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