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Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 16

Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 16

Episode 16
Saumya was speechless by Rudra’s surprise.. Happiness filled her eyes with tears.. She was not able to hear anything else.. her world rounds and she lost her balance and Rudra hugged her from back and supported her by holding her tight and close to him. She tried to come to her conscious. She can’t resist herself from seeing him and search for him.. She then realized someone hugging from behind and holding her tight and close.. when she turned, her happiness has no limits and hugged Rudra.. he can feel her happiness and reciprocated with smile. R u happy sumo? Did u like my birthday gift for u? She can’t break her hug but nodded yes.. after sometimes they had specially arranged dinner for her.. they have talk while having dinner. She ask how u know tat I liked this jewelry.. u were not present there when I tried this jewelry.. then how did u get? Je thinks(flashback), He saw Saumya while flirting with some gilrls.. Saumya wearing tat pendant and her eyes.. he himself loved tat pendant on her and he got to know she too loved it. So he purchased it without her knowledge. He said, I got it just like tat.. how do I know u like tat.. She understood he s managing and left to next topic.. She ask, how did u collect my childhood pics. He replied, I went to ur mom’s place today early morning.. I already told her to give those pics.. she collected it and kept and I bought from her today morning.. she confusingly ask what is the need to go and get from her.. she could have send through mail or courier.. He tell, I went to take her blessings.. She was shocked and speechless.. he continued, actually I wanted to meet Ma and get her blessings so I used this chance.. and it was good that I went there, she was very happy to see me and when I saw these pics she told ur history.. really sumo u r totally different from then and now.. I’ll tease u with these hereafter.. u can’t escape from me and he jokes.. She smiled and look adoring at him.

 Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 16

Next morning, everyone preparing for Jagrata in morning and Prinku’s sangeet in evening.. O’bros in kitchen making breakfast and have their very own O’bro moment.. They also talk about their plans about Svetlana. Annika and Saumya adoring their loves from outside and speak about their last day. Annika thinks about their designer place moment and blush.. Saumya about Rudra’s surprise.. She said, he took her for dinner for her birthday.. Om saw them and called them inside kitchen.. He ask them to just sit and watch.. Rudra says they r making everyone’s favorite dish today.. Shivay says yes.. presenting u Annika’s favorite Aloo puri, Saumya’s favorite Gobi paratha, shakti’s fav Makkhi ki roti with Sarson ki saag, pinky’s fav French toast, tej and Janvi’s fav continental.. and Dadi’s fav Rajma chawl.. Saumya ask y didn’t u prepare for urself? Om replied they r going to have ur favorite foods.. so nothing spcl for us.. Annika looks at Shivay and have Eye lock.. they blush at each other.. Saumya ask Rudra where is ur protein shake? He remains silent and suddenly they hear scream of Chulbul who was making Jagrata preparations and explaining Mata Rani should face South and her lecture.. Rudra starts teasing Om, Oh my mata!!??! How did we forget Chulbul? Its not late now.. O tell me wat is Chulbul’s fav dish we’ll make it and u both share it. Om glares at him and he jokes its better u start from now before getting.. Shivay saw Annika and Saumya confused and pats Rudra and sign him not to talk. He says, got it bhaiya and continues.. Annika ask, Rudra what were u telling.. Rudra tried to manage but Annika and Saumya screw him to tell. Shivay tries to manage but in vain. Chulbul come and see everyone in kitchen and greets everyone and confused to see men cooking and girls sitting and watching. Rudra jokes and go to Chulbul and say, I know what u r thinking.. in this house we r like this and explain abt O’bro moment and ask him what is ur fav food.. Om says, Rudra.. and gives death glare to him. Rudra remained silent.. Annika and Saumya excited by his presence and go to him. They both hold Chulbul from two sides and makes him sit in couch placed in kitchen and they both sit in two sides. ShivRu look at this and fumes in jealous. Om smiles at this. Saumya tell, wow Chulbul u r amazing.. O Bhaiya told tat u took off tat snake from him and how u saved him. She calls him very brave.

Rudra can’t stand this and fumes in jealous.. he tell, Sumo, even I have done many brave things and u never praised me like this.. she laughs and ask, What? U did brave things? U know meaning for brave cry baby.. He tell, sumo I’m not cry baby.. don’t spoil my name in front of Chulbul. She say Chulbul is our family and my frnd.. let him know.. ShivOm smiles at him. Annika say, Saumya was right Chulbul, u r really brave.. U look so innocent but where have u hidden ur bravery within u? And she pinch his cheek. Shivay was dumbstruck and lost control of his bowl and left it. It breaks. OmRu can’t control laughing. Om go to console him. Shivay look at him helplessly and OmRu could read what his eyes said, see my Annika.. she is pinching some other boy’s cheek in front of me. They both hold him and give support and hug him, but can’t control their laugh. Gauri gets shy and uncomfortable, gets excuse from them telling tat she have much work in Jagrata preparations. He also tells Annika and Saumya to come before guests reach. Om remained him abt their work that day. He nods and goes.

Precap: In Jagrata celebration Janvi spots Gauri filling her hairline with Om’s blood and confronts her. Annika was shot by kamini and Shivay screams Annika.




Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 16

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