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Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 18

Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 18

At OM:
Annika safeguards Shivay and argue with commandos.. they finally realized he was real and chase Mahi. Kamini aims gun at Shivay but Annika saw this and came in front and she got shot. Shivay and all family members got shocked. Shivay screams Annika.. He ask her to open her eyes. They rush to hospital (I was expecting this scene). Shivay holds her in his arms and shouts doctor.. and Annika is taken by stretcher while Shivay keep shouting her name and holding her hand. Shivay can’t control his tears when he left Annika’s hand and sent her to OT. He think all those golden moments that he spent with Annika and how she got shot. He breaks down shouting Annika. OmRu prinku hug him and support him. Dadi and everyone console him. He was not able to hear anyone, his mind and soul was filled with just Annika’s thoughts. He was sitting silently and thinking of all their moments from beginning in temple, their fight, nok jhok, their challenges, how she helped him in hard time, their marriage, their hate, their intimacy and all. Doctor came out and said operation got successful, she is out of danger. He ask doctor to shift Annika home as he can’t take any chance in her life matter.

 Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 18

Doctor says no but he is not ready to listen him and shout at them. He take Annika home with delicate care in specially arranged ambulance. He can’t stay away from her even for a second. Annika in Shivika room, dadi, pinky, OmRu, prinku and Saumya worried for her and staying in room. Dadi and Shivay sit both side to Annika. Pinky tell, ifbut Annika was not there then my Shivay will be in this state. Dadi says, Annika is always our family’s savior, even before becoming this house’s bahu she saved us from many attacks.. now she saved our family’s strength Shivay risking her life. Pinky nods. While hearing all this he remembers how she saved family from attacks earlier and got shot for him. He can’t control his tears and went out of room. OmRu followed him. He go near pool and cries. OmRu console him. Om tell, Shivay.. Annika bhabi is out of danger now.. she’ll be alright.. don’t cry Shivay.. Ru tell (cry voice), Yes bhaiya, Bhabi is very strong and bold.. she’ll be alright.. pls don’t cry bhaiya even I feel like crying. Om pats on his shoulder and hug them both. Then OmRu left him alone and they have talk in garden ( same like IB).

Shivay ask Dadi and everyone to take rest as its late night. They tell him to take care of Annika and leave. Shivay is upset to see her in that state. He holds her hand. He miss her and her stupid talks very much. He think of their nok jhok moments and slightly smile, but when he saw Annika lying silent he can’t control his emotions and anger. He called khanna and tell I need all those frauds who d attacked his wife. He saw Annika moving and went to check her whether she got conscious or not.. but still unconscious. He hold her hand and lost in thoughts looking at her face. He remembers their challenge (in designer place..what u want me to tell on our wedding day?.. You guys remember?). He talks, I wanted u to tell first, but u want me to tell u what I feel.. Is it necessary to tell what we feel about each other. He cups her hand and keep near his cheek. He caressing her and talk, u have become the most important person in my life Annika. I can’t live without you and I need u in each and every part of my life. And yes, I remember, we were poles apart.. but we still can’t be away from each of us. I don’t understand me in one situation.. thats when I’m with u and if it comes to ur matter. I don’t know what, but u r..(while emotionally talking he just turned to her side and to his surprise she woke up and already listening to him). He was speechless and they have an eye lock.

Meanwhile Janvi and Buama understood Gauri’s helplessness and impressed by her values and bring her back to OM. In OM, Gauri shocked to see Kali Takur jeep and they both miss to see each other. They tell her to continue as Chulbu, because Om needs Chulbul in this situation. Gauri accept this for Om’s sake. Gauri disguises as Chulbul and go to meet Om. Om, who was annoyed with Svetlana and her blackmail, walking restless and making calls for missing Chulbul. He calls Rudra and ask if he found anything about Chulbul. Rudra say, even.security guards did not see Chulbul, which makes him worry more about Chulbul. Gauri, Buama and Janvi was seeing all this standing out and Gauri slowly went inside his room. When Om turned and walked in hurry he bumped with her. They both hold each other. Om’s face turned happy seeing Chulbul. Janvi and Buama look at his happiness and they get happy. Om ask, Chulbul, where did u go since morning? Why didn’t you pick-up my call? What happened to u? Why did u leave me? I really missed u so much Chulbul.. U don’t know how hard it was for me to spend this day without u.. I really missed u so much. Gauri was dumbstruck with his speech and feelings for her. She stood still like a statue. Om shook her and ask where did u go? What happened? She stammer and think what to say.. Buama and Janvi enter room to help her. Buama says, I sent him to get some important things and forgot that I have sent him. Gauri nods and said my battery dead so phone switched off. Om calms down and say u’ll never repeat this again.. okay.. if u go out just inform me and then go.. if its any urgent matter at least try to make a call.. ok. Gauri nods.

Buama tease him that, See u can’t live peacefully in ur own house without ur friend.. U both have become inseparable like this? Janvi and Buama smile. Gauri feel shy. Om makes her close and put his hands on her shoulder and say, U r right Buama.. I can’t spend even an hour without Chulbul.. he is my best buddy.. he help me in every situations and motivated me when I felt down. On top of all this, he saved our lives and risked his own life for mom. And I felt all this when he went missing for few hours. Chulbul, I promise you again that too in front of my mom and Buama.. u’ll be my best buddy for my life and me Omkara Singh Oberoi will keep this relation for life. Buama and Janvi are very happy to see Om like this, who is trusting someone and happy with. Gauri gets emotional and can’t take her eyes off him. Om ask Chulbul to make him promise that he’ll never lie to him at any situation. Buama, Janvi and Gauri gets tensed.
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Life has something to teach.. So learn what it is.. Ishqbaaz and Dil Bole Oberoi Episode- 18

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