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Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 2 Written Update

Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 2 Written Update

Both abhi and pragya were going through their files in ekta’s cabin. Abhi felt a pair of eyes pouring at him, when he checked who it is he found non. So he continued with his character study.

While here pragya was secretly admiring abhi while looking at her file. She cant even believe abhishek mehra, the heartthrob of telly industry is sitting beside for their new joint venture. As an ordinary indian girl, abhi was her first official crush from the days of kahiin to hoga. His Casanova character as Rishi garewal was enough to give her goosebumps. Having learnt acting from this versatile one pragya always considered abhi as her lucky charm ,her mentor and her big big crush. Now seeing him sitting near her not more than a step away her heart is pumping rapidly that she feared abhi will hear it. She has been admiring abhi as he was an all rounder, an actor, a perfect host, a producer, a friend and a constant supporter for whom he loves. Pragya wished this new beginning must be a life long one.

 Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 2 Written Update

After reading their files, abhi asked ekta “ boss being a rockstar is not new for me but the long hair is somewhat doubtful”. Pragya without realizing “ why you were handsome and ethereal when you did kahin to hoga and kayamath in long hair why cant this?”. Abhi looked shockingly at pragya “ ohho princess suhani has time to see the roadside romeo milind Mishra quite interesting”. Pragya blushed in embarrassment. Before abhi could tease her ekta “ come on you both are counting on your old roles think about the new ones guys. Yes abhi I think the rockstars are always cool so the long hair thing will prove it and as pragz said u will be looking handsome too”. Abhi nodded his head in attitude “ I am always handsome and that I know”. Pragya snorted and said “ ya ya “. Ekat “ so to give a familiar touch the character names are your real names I think you both are comfortable”. Both abhi and pragya nodded., ekta “ I have kept a party this Sunday to give official announcement of our serial so do come to the party both rockstar and professor” abhi ad pragya said at the same time “ that we will do”.

Then they both came out of her cabin and stood infront of the gate. Pragya was trying to call someone looks like the person is busy. She being frustrated kicked the stone infront of her. By the force she hit it, the stone flew and hit abhi’s leg. Abhi winced in pain, pragya ran towards him continuously saying “ I am so so sorry abhi I was just irritated I didn’t mean to hurt you I am sorry”. Abhi immediately pressed her nose and said “ come on sudha ji I know you had a multiple personality disorder but u don’t have to prove me. I know u just hit it unknowingly don’t worry. Now dont be so sorry for this”. Pragya sighed “ abhi please don’t always mention my previous roles. I have a name too call me by name” abhi “ come on jhanvi dobriyal when u have a beautiful hot girl beside you u cant expect me to be in my senses”. Pragya blushed “ stop flirting rishi garewal then dont know what will I do”. Abhi showed like he is scared. Pragya laughed at this.

Abhi “ so pragz why r u standing here and playing foot ball with this poor stone?” prgya “ very funny actually my brother has to come and pick me now but he is not cmng and also not taking my phone so only frustrated want to hit my bed soon today” abhi “ if u don’t mind can I drop you?”. Pragya said dramatically “ oh no what will br the rockstar’s reputation if the media got to know that he is openly flirting and dropping home a boring geeky professor”. Abhi laughed and said “ don’t worry I have media on covers.” Pragya thought for a while and agreed to go with him. They both went to abhi’s car, and pragya sat in the passenger seat. Abhi started the convo “ so professor jii did u like the char?” pragya “ of course abhi I loved it. It is like a replica of mine” abhi said “ then we never gonna hit each other “ pragya “ why??” abhi “ come on baby I am a rockstar professors are boring” pragya “ abhi don’t say like that without the help of professors you cannot finish your degree and go for work “ pragya “ yaa yaa boring professor giving borig lectures how nice?”. Pragya glared at him seeing that abhi chuckled.

Abhi thought in his mind “ abhi don’t irritate her stupid. If u go on like this she will never talk to you try asking her number “. Abhi acted like searching for his phone in his car while driving. Pragya asked him what happened. Abhi “ my phone is missing pragz” pragya said “ wait I I will caal you “. She dialed his number but before the call could connect abhi asked “ miss.pragya arora how do you know my number?” before pragya could anser abhi’s phone rang in his own jeans pocket. Pragya looked wuestioningly like why-did-yousearch-like-an-idiot look. Abhi looked sheepishly “ forgot to search her. “ he took out his phone and looked at the number “ I will save your number what should I save BP or PA or MC?. Pragya looked confused “ whats this BP PA Mc? Abhi said “ BP means Boring professor PA means Pele arora ( best foot baller – Pele ) MC means magoty chashmish correct right “ pragya fumed in anger “ abhii I am gonna wring your neck”. She held his neck in her hands and started shaking it playfully. Abhi laughed hard and said “ ok ok leave me devi maa I wont ask you I will save it myself”. Pragy said heaving “ abhi let my time come I will surely kill you”. She said by looking out of window. Abhi thought in his mind “ I don’t know whenever you are ner me I loose my senses and ability and believe me you will never know the meaning of these words pragya BP- beautiful pragya PA- pretty arora and MC- meri chashmish”. While he was thinking pragya’s house came, so he stoppd near her house where they saw some young man standing infront of his car kicking the tyre. Abhi asked teasingly “ whether in ur family all are Ronaldo’s fan?’ pragy “ why?” abhi “ no all are kicking something or someone so only asked”. Before pragya could give him fit of an answer they heard a ear piercing sound which made prgya to jump in fear.

“hiiii” shouted Vicky, prgya’s brother at the very instant causing Pragya to cover her ears. Ignoring the glare from pragya’s eyes, Vicky looked at abhi and said “I know you, you are him right? Pragya look, its-its-”
“Abhi” Abhi extended his hands to him to which Vicky took them excitedly. Vicky “Yess! Boy I’m so glad to meet you man, I tell you, this pragya and priya na”. before he could continue “Vicky come on lets go” pragya said nervously as Vicky tried to expose out her little secret in front of ABhi. “Mom’s gonna kill me for cmng late come with me”. But Vicky ignore her and continued “This Pragya na-” “VICKYY!!” Pragya shouted causing both Abhi and Vicky to look at her in surprise. “I think you should go” Abhi told him letting out a small laugh. “ or else this aurat will eat you alive” “Yeah I think so too or else, this lady wont let me be” Vicky replied and shaking his hands once more. “bye man” Abhi nodded his head in response.

Pragya turned to abhi first glared at him for teasing him but seeing the puppy and innocent look which abhi gave she beamed at him smiling, “Thanks once again”
“No problem” he replied.
“so, hope to see you soon at our promotion ” Pragya smiled and with that, Vicky sped away. Pragya turned back and waved at him to which Abhi too waved her back and watched them till they were out of sight. “Soon” he murmured thinking that if destiny would get them together.

Precap: abhi and pragya at shopping.





Lights,Camera,Action!!! – episode 2 Written Update

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