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HIS LOVE ANGEL (OS) Written Update

HIS LOVE ANGEL (OS) Written Update

“Bhaiyya”-Rudra singh Oberoi handed the farzi of his Shivaay Bhaiyya one more glass of Bhang,” Manish said you were talking with Soumya. Where is she?”
The bhang had its effect on Maahi,” that choti no… moti question kumari”.
“Bhaiyya Soumya”- Priyanka encouraged,” what did you talk with her?”
” That gas cylinder is a …”- Maahi blurted,” she had a problem with my Kanji eyes”.
Maahi rubbed his black eyes clad by blue contact lens…,” my eyes..my problem.. be it kaala, neela..peela or kanji”.
“She is missing Bhaiyya”- Rudra got desperate to know,”We all didn’t see her from yesterday”.
“Thun thun… thun thun”- Maahi act like ringing the bell of a temple.
Rudra scratched his head for some times then his logic reached the point.

HIS LOVE ANGEL (OS) Written Update

“Temple”- He asked,” She didn’t come there last evening”.
“She wanted to….”- Maahi blurted truth,”I didn’t let her reach the temple”.
“tring tring..!!!!”- Priyanka checked her inbox,” Soumya went to Pune for three days”.
Kameeni saw them… heard the topic and play the wild card at the last moment.
“Soumya messaged you”- Rudra is quick,” not Annika bhabhi like she does usually or her bade bhaiyya who brought her back home.. the last but least expected person me”.
“We don’t have any college tour to Pune.. or any other work there”-Rudra came to his agent Rudy mode,”she has no relative in Pune..if she went to meet any friend for three days .. she is not selfish to leave when bhaiyya brought her for your wedding Prinku”.
“Annika bhabhi”- Rudra immediately called his partner in crime,”Some thing is wrong with Sumo here”.
“What the wuck!!”-Shivaay Singh Oberoi wanted to shout and break his mobile,”Rudra has a perfect timing to always disturb our romantic time”.
Annika laughed loudly. Her pink cheek turned more pinkish after the special way Shivaay discovered to put colour on her…
“I am going to meet Rudra now”- Annika broke the hug,”He is worried for his wife. Its their first Holi too”.
“Don’t know where did Soumya went this suddenly??”- Shivaay knew she is his responsibility,”You meet Rudra,I am going to our room to search for any proof against that Farzi”.
“Rudra…”- Annika kept her hands on the shoulder of her chotey devar,”Don’t worry about Soumya..She will be back soon “.
“The problem is I am getting all wrong signal bhabhi”-Rudra hugged his bhabhi,”like some thing is wrong with her”.
Annika remembered all the wrong signal she got during the kidnapping of Shivaay and words didn’t came out from her mouth.
“Chul bul and Om went to police station to file a complain for our missing Soumya”- Prinku show the message to Annika bhabhi,”We called her every friends and her Aai too. She is nowhere and had no link with Pune”.
“That farzi said that he didn’t allowed Soumya for coming temple last evening”- Rudra remembered,”I am sure now..he did some thing with my Sumo”.

“Shivaay “-Annika panted,”Soumya called me just now from an unknown number and gave the same information about that 2rs. ka chheppada ,Ranveer and Kameeni being on one side”.
“Click!!!”-Annika looked at the closed door.
“Tere ko kuch zyada hi pata chal gaya question kumari”- Maahi ate the lens after removing it from his black eyes,” Now if you don’t obey my words.. we will kill that moti sister of you”.
” Go ahead and kill her”- Annika showed her Tadi,”just remember Soumya is an Oberoi daughter in law and a sister to Shivaay Singh Oberoi.. and wife of Rudra Singh Oberoi”…
“You will support me during Sangeet”-Maahi threatened,” or I will kill that moti gas cylinder” .
“I placed her under the stage in the basement area”-Maahi gave the details,”One wrong step and her Gangaram is fixed”.
“Oh this is the matter”- Shivaay smirked along with his Crazy Rudy brother,”Rudra go and bring Soumya soon. She may get afraid of me thinking me as that farzi”.
“I am going bhaiyya”- Rudra, the Laxman obeyed.
“Soumya…”- Rudra hugged his wife tight then released her hands and legs from the tight rope.
“Are they paining a lot Sumo?”- He caressed her hands and legs,”it is so red. I am going to make his nose bleed”.
“Lets go from here”-Soumya dragged her husband,”I don’t want to risk your life with mine Rudra”.
“Shivaay bhaiyya is back Sumo”- Rudra helped her in walking,”No need to be afraid of that farzi anymore”.
Soumya sighed.. released the breath she held from last two days afraid after her sudden discovery of that ‘Bahurupiya’ and then the major revelation that followed the main incident…. truth of Kameeni and then Ranveer.
As soon as Soumya saw Shvaay… She just hugged him,”bade bhaiyya”- left her mouth.

All the insult didn’t have any effect on the shameless pair of mother and Son…Ranveer and Kameeni In front of the media.
“Don’t forget your another daughter is under our control”- Kutti Kameeni used the last weapon,”We may end up harming her”.
“Soumya”- Rudra took the name almost with affection and she came to stand beside a strong Annika bhabhi in red bridal wear.
“Soumya has a family to take good care of her”-Omkara spoke,”we know too well to take care of our family member”.
“She has the support of the great wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi with her”-Rudra hold the shivering hand of his wife,”And a husband too”.
“A strong and Pehelwaan husband with very nice dole sole”- Chulbul added more details.
“Who loves her more then anything in this world”- Dadj get naughty at that time also.
“Khanna”,SSO ordered,”the recording ,submit them at the police station”.
Khanna went to police station taking all the confession of culprits… and media covered the live telecast of the revelation drama…
Kameeni and Maahi were taken to jail with Ranveer who lost his only way of managing life … his job.

“You fool “- Rudra became red in anger,”you take risk on your own life for this family”.
“this family…!!!”- Soumya got ready to fight with him,”Danger was on my bade bhaiyya.. this is my family.. my sasural”.
“Sorry yaar Sumo”- Rudra said in low tone,” I got afraid by the thought of losing you”.
Rudra thought himself to be lucky. He insulted her, denied to know her, fight with her, married her in his unconscious state then to blame and insult her.. and all she did is for his family… saved him from the hijacked plane…risked her own life for his brother…
“Damn me and my long and never ending list of girl friends”- Rudra spoke his heart out,” when i have meet my lovely love angel and got her for a life time as my wife”.
“I gave you perfect name”- Soumya smiled,” you duffer… cry baby Oberoi”.
“You forget my one more name sumo”- He made a funny face,” Protein Shake Oberoi”.
“I will leave my protein Shake from tomorrow”- Rudra promised,” I can loss more weight now by just lifting you whenever I want”.
“Shut up!!!”- Soumya shouted,” fitness freak Singh Oberoi”.
Rudra dreamed of a pregnant Soumya demanding to be lifted in his arms…
“Thud!!!”He fell down from the bed , saw a tomato Soumya sleeping and covered his mouth to control his loud shout.. Nehi….
“Rudra”- Soumya wake up from her deep slumber,” Kameeni hit bottle on my head and here you are acting as a mad person”.
“I am not mad”-Rudra objected,” I am madly in love with my love angel”





HIS LOVE ANGEL (OS) Written Update

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