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It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-3 Written Update

It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-3 Written Update

Epi-3(Sonakshi and dev’s both are narrating in this episode.i will indicate the change of narration with#..# symbols)
#sona narration#
After a drive of half an hour i reached..back to my house i felt secured now..i guess everyone does !..My luck was with me..elena was asleep..at least for now i will not have to play rapid fire round😁😁😁…i headed straight into my room after opening the main door..i changed into my night suit and l lied into my cosy bed..it took me some time to sleep but ya finally i got some..however it was interrupted..all of a sudden i woke up ..it was 2:15 a.m. ..i saw something like a figure near my balcony door..it seemed familiar..i sat up straight on my bed and said with a tone full with fear as well as eagerness
Sona:who are you??

It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-3 Written Update

My question was answered with a very familiar heavy male voice.
“don’t you remember me..Dev Dixit!😉”
I got down from my bed in a hurry..i started stammering..
Sona:how.. did… Youuuu… come he..re??😌😌
Dev: I am the Dev Dixit..everything is possible for me
He said this with the same smirk…i gulped i wasn’t chewing but still maybe i gulped my fear..
Sona:okay …so why did you come here??

He slowly moved towards me ..i noticed this and i moved back..this continued..he kept moving forward and i moving backward finally the room ended..i was pinned to the wall by him..no escape..he was so close that i could even feel his breath..i wanted to speak but my voice was lost ..i kept searching and finally
Sona:move away or else…
Dev:or else(quite calmly)
Sona:i will shout..
I shouted..”bachoooooooooo”..in between he said
Dev:kya Hua??
I continued shouting and then all of a sudden everything started becoming shaky…i was shaking..he was shaking..the whole room was shaking and someone’s voice kept saying
“are alright??..get up!
Everything turned cloudy and i closed my eyes in fear..when i sensed that everything was silent was stable,i slowly very slowly opened my eyes..what i say was my room ceiling fan and then Elena sitting on my right side. I quickly scanned my whole room, especially the balcony region but the balcony door was bolted from inside …then i got up and asked Elena..
Sona:elu what happened?
Elena:( getting up)what happened..you were shouting as if you were sitting in a roller coaster..
She chuckled and then i came to the conclusion it was all a dream… Thank god!

#dev narration#
After coming from the party i tried to sleep but that girl’s face kept flashing in my mind..i don’t know why i was smiling..ya indeed it was unbelievable for him..after a long time i smiled on my own or else i always keep a fake smile for my dear owns and some of my clients…
Finally it was morning..time to go to office..got ready..today i had a really important meeting but even more important task….so i headed for a hard day but before going i took ma’s aashirvad(blessing)
Ishwari:main bhagwan se prathna karoungi Ki tumhara client khush ho jaye(i will pray to god that your gets happy from your work)
Dev:aap bas aashirvad de do..(you just give me your blessings.)
Dev:chalo ab main chalta huon(ok now i will make a move)
Ishwari:tune uske bare main mujhe bataya nahi(you did not tell me about that)
Ishwari:bhola mat ban(don’t act innocent)
Dev:nahi ma..not again..bye!
I hurriedly left from there…actually the thing was ma wanted me to marry but i was not ready for it..not at all..and i just couldn’t trust on anyone…no..not again..i can’t repeat my mistakes.
I reached my office and there before heading to my cabin i informed my secretary,Tina to find a good nutritunioust for ma. To which she nodded. The thing is ma is having a fad of eating all the deep fried,oily ,sweet and unhealthy things..i have tried many nutritunioust for her around 12 doctors ..let see what this 13one could do..my ma is really tough to manage…
#sona’s narration#
To forget that horrible dream i sat on my laptop…searching for a job..i now want to meet my own and even Elena’s expenses if possible..i even gave interviews via Skype..and then one was fixed..patient name is ishwari dixit and i have to be a personal nutritionist..i agreed as it was having a higher pay…and then from that side too i was confirmed ..i have to join from tomorrow..so excited

Precap:not yet decided😜




It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-3 Written Update

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