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Love in Rain – Shot Two (Someone is back) Written Update

Love in Rain – Shot Two (Someone is back)  Written Update

The silence filled the environment. We were walking slowly on the slick road. Both mine n miss attitude kaam siyaapa queen’s dress were wet as well as dirty. Her arms were wrapped around my shoulder n my arms were wrapped around her waist. Drops of rain were flowing down from her cheeks. She was looking cute. At one point we both slipped n fell down. Ouch my back hurt. “Ahh…” Miss attitude aka Twinkle screamed in pain touching her foot. She hurt her sprained leg. I tried getting up but failed. I again tried n again failed. With much more difficulty I succeeded in getting up.

 Love in Rain – Shot Two (Someone is back)  Written Update

I forwarded my hand towards her. She slowly put her hand on my hand n tried to get up but instead of getting up I also fell down in her direction due to which she kissed me. I mean to say accidently kissed my cheek. I was hell confused how to react. I guess she was also confused so she just kept staring at the ground. So I also preferred to be quiet. But I really felt very good. My heart was pondering with happiness. What kind of a feeling is it? I felt as if I wanted to live that moment once again. ‘Kunj yeh kya soch raha hae.’ I scolded myself.

I got up slowly but this time instead of forwarding my hand; I lifted her in my arms in bridal style just like in the movies. “Hey put me down.” Miss attitude shouted at the top of her voice moving a bit. I just looked at her eyes. I don’t know why but I wanted to be lost in those innocent eyes. Literally we had an eye lock. After few seconds I came back to my senses n continued walking. “Put me down.” She shouted n started hitting my chest but I continued walking slowly. After almost two or three minutes she became calm n silent. But I really wanted her to argue with me. At one point I stumbled a bit so she hesitantly wrapped her arms around my neck.

People walking on the roads were staring us as if we were aliens. Some were gossiping. I heard one of the girl say, “If my boyfriend was also romantic like him.” Me n siyaapa queen’s boyfriend…kabhi nai. Meanwhile siyaapa queen was busy staring me. Finally after few moments we were outside Taneja mansion. I was about to put her down but just then I heard a sound from behind. It sounded as if someone had dropped something. I turned around to see. There was a lady with shocked expression and she had dropped her pooja thali. “Maa.” Twinkle said. Oh god yeh toh twinkle ki maa hae. Now the scene was just like in the movies….boyfriend aur girlfriend ka romantic scene chal raha hota hae aur tabhe maa tapak parti hae. But I am not Twinkle’s boyfriend. I slowly put Twinkle down but she stumbled so I wrapped my arms around her waist preventing her from falling down. (Sajana ve plays in background.)

“Oh god yeh din dekhne se phele may mar que nai gayi.” Twinkle’s mom said proceeding towards us. “Leela maa it’s nothing like that. Yeh Khaadoos…I mean to say Kunj toh meri help kar raha tha.” Twinkle tried to justify. “Yes aunty it’s nothing like that.” I said trying to convince aunty.
“If it’s nothing like that then what is this.” she said pointing my cheek. Twinkle closed her mouth with both her hand with a shocked expression. What was there in my cheek? “Yeh lipstick mark kis ke haen why was Kunj carrying u like that n moreover yeh kya hae.” She said indicating our current position.. Oh no hogaya siyaapa. “Siyaapa queen.” I said in a low voice but siyaapa queen heard it. “Sadu kahi ke.” She said giving me a death glare. “Hogaya siyaapa. Aab khush.” I said giving her a death glare.
“Yeh kya kusur pusur kar rahe ho.” Aunty scolded. We both bowed our head.

PRECAP: Jhor ka jhatka…





Love in Rain – Shot Two (Someone is back)  Written Update

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