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A love story (shivika) Episode 1 Written Update

A love story (shivika) Episode 1 Written Update

N I am dedicating this episode to CHANYA.all the best rock the exam.i will miss u for sure.n come back soon n I will be waiting for you. N don’t forget me😜😜😜😜😜.i love u😘😘😘😘😘😘

N a special mention to AWRA who share her view n I will assure that I do justice to your points.

N this episode is all about fun n this is just to make you guys understand the characters.n one thing I forgot to say u guys.now the age of shivaay n anika is 12. My ff start from small age n then they grow up big.so let’s start

Somebody is cooking and smell comes from kitchen.A girl enters the kitchen.

Girl-ma the smell is too good what r u cooking??
Tulsi-I am cooking paneer butter masala
Girl-what ma u know Na that I don’t like paneer.
A boy enters.
Boy-paneer wow I just love it.😊😊😊😊😊
Girl-I just hate it😡😡😡😡😡😡
Boy-u don’t like good things😉😉😉
Girl-hello u know that I don’t like milk items
Boy-paneer is so tasty how can u hate it?
Girl-Ohhh the smell from it is very bad

 A love story (shivika) Episode 1 Written Update

Boy-then why did u come to kitchen?
Girl-wait a minute ma I want briyani
Tulsi-I have cooked it already.
Girl-ohh where is it?i want to eat.
Boy-hello answer me.
Girl-I don’t have time to.i have to eat briyani.
(She starts eating n says)
All good but I think salt is less

Boy-wait I will taste.he tastes n say it’s too good aunty.
Girl-no salt is less
(They start fighting)
Boy-heloo ani first learn cooking n then talk
Anika-shiv I know cooking
Shivaay-I know how u cook n if u watch Reynold poernomo recipes alone u can’t learn cooking
Anika-talk about me not about Reynold
(They start fight even more)
Tulsi-Stop fighting billu n ani
Ani-I am not fighting he is fighting
Shivaay-no she is fighting

Yet again they start fighting
Tulsi-Ani stop it
Anika-why should I stop??
Tulsi-Fight with him tomorow
Anika-why not today?
(Shivaay is fuming in anger.tulsi comes to say something but shivaay stop her)
Shivaay-what is today??
Anika-April 19

Shivaay-what is April 19?😡😡😡😡
Anika-hmm oh your birthday
Shivaay is full on angry as his best friend forgot his birthday.what Next??guess it guys

PRECAP-shivaay angry on anika.
Birthday celebration
Tej drama n a lot more





A love story (shivika) Episode 1 Written Update

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