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My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 56 Written Update

My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 56 Written Update

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The episode starts with Ishani getting into the washroom with a red and white color saree.

She got fresh and tried to wear saree within the washroom but it was so difficult for her as the floor was wet moreover she don’t know how to wear saree…

My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 56 Written Update


She slowly opened the door if washroom and looked at ranveer….

She saw him sleeping peacefully….

ISHANI thought – He is sleeping peacefully so I can wear saree……

She came out of the washroom…

She walked towards mirror and started to wear saree…

She really don’t know how to wear saree….

She was trying so hard but she was not able …..

She became mad….

ISHANI thought-If I could cut this remaining part… Why this saree is too long ??

She then thought to get the help of internet ….

When she was about to take her phone she noticed it is in the table at the other side of bed where ranveer was sleeping.

She decided to take it but due to the mess of saree she was not able walk …

She then get into the bed and trued to take it by raising her hand towards the table by coming above Ranveer …

Her hair touched Ranveer’s body he got disturbed and opened Hus eyes and was amazed to see Ishani above him and struggling ….

RANVEER- What u r doing ISHANI ?

ISHANI was shocked ..Hearing his sound she lost her control and fell in ranveer…..

ISHANI looked at ranveer…

They both shared a eyelock …..

Ishani came to sense and moved back and covered herself with the saree…..

RANVEER confusingly – What ? What happened ?

ISHANI – Areee turn back don’t look here….

Confusingly our ranveer turned back ………

She hurriedly tried to wear the saree but all was in vain ………….

ISHANI murmured – Why this saree is so long ?

RANVEER smilingly – Aree buddhu all the sarees are like that….. And till now u don;t know to wear saree . I thought u would have learned but where ………

ISHANI cute anger – R u making fun of me ? U don’t know how much difficult it is .

RANVEER in fun tone – What I don’t know ? I know ……..

Seeing Ishani .

RANVEER – Come here I will help u …..

ISHANI shockingly – What ? No need I will do it by myself ……..

RANVEER – Hey come Ishani. Is it the first time I am going to help u ? No , right ?

Ishani thought – Ohh my god that means before also he helped in wearing saree ………. But……….

RANVEER – HEy what u r thinking this much ?

Without anyway as she don’t know to wear saree she went to ranveer……

Ranveer took pleats and Ishani arranged pallu …..

Ranveer completed the pleat and gave i t to ishani for folding …..

Ishani took it and folded ……

At last Ishani was made to wear the saree .

She was really looking beautiful in that red and white saree….

She walked towards mirror and looked herself in the mirror .

ISHANI – Perfect Ranveer ……… U made it beautifully ……

That time Ranveer walked toward her … Ishani looked him through the mirror . Ranveer to was looking her through mirror . Ranveer came to her and hugged her from back and rested his chin on her shoulder …

Ishani was shocked by this .

RANVEER hugging her and looking in the mirror – Its not the saree beautiful ………. U made the saree beautiful by wearing it …..

In order to make Ranveer go she said .

ISHANI in cute way – Let it be anything now my dear hubby plz go and get fresh and let me leave as i have so many works to do ………..

She went and took Ranveer’s dress and pulled him to washroom ….

She went out of the room ………

She called parul ………..

But she was not attending the call …

ISHANI- Oh my god why she is not attending the call …………..

ISHANI thought – Till now I was tensed of about making food but now I even don’t know where is kitchen . Oh god what to do now ?

That time Kailash came through that way .

Seeing him shew wished and took blessings from him …..

KAILASH – I know beta what u r going through .I know u r doing this as per my saying . I am sorry beta ……….

ISHANI – Baba what is this u r asking sorry to me ? No father’s would dod like this which means u r not considering me as ur own daughter ?

KAILASH – Nothing like that beta . U r my own daughter .

She smiled …….

KAILASH – Why u r standing here only ?

ISHANI – Actually baba I was waiting for p[arul. Did u see her ?

KAILASH – Haaa I saw her going to Kitchen …..

ISHANI thought – ohh my god she will be waiting for me in kitchen as she wouldn’t have thought that I don’t know the way to kitchen ……

KAILASH – What happened beta ?

ISHANI – Nothing Baba but can u say me the way to kitchen ….

Kailash – Sure…

He said her the way and then she reached Kitchen ..

Seeing her parul asked where was she as she was been waiting for u …..

ISHANI – Actually Sa…….. she stopped and thought for sometime and said actually I didn’t know the way to kitchen so…

PARUL – Ohh I am so sorry bhabhi I didn’t thought of it ….. I should have came to pick u …

ISHANI – Its ok parul and no need of sorry also ……..

Both of them smiled looking at each other and Ishani started her work ….

The episode ends here ….





My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 56 Written Update

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