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What Next – Ishqbaaz OS – Shot 2 – CONCLUSION Written Update

What Next – Ishqbaaz OS – Shot 2 – CONCLUSION Written Update

Recap : Dadi asks Shivika to give great grandchildren…Rudra and Soumya try to bring Shivika closer…Anika asks Shivaay to do something to bring Rumya closer…Shivika says two different plans to Anika and Rumya……

Shivaay informs Anika , Rudra and Soumya to meet at the farmhouse the same day evening !!!

Rudra and Soumya plan everything as instructed by Shivaay at their farmhouse…..

Anika also calls someone and asks to come to the farmhouse in the evening…………

Finally the evening arrives….Shivaay is nowhere to be seen …

Soumya comes to Anika and says ‘’Didi Here you go with dress..’’

Anika ‘’ did Shivaay send it with you ?’’

Soumya ‘’ No didi …I went for shopping…and I liked it so please were this for today evening ‘’

Anika ‘’ yeah okay’’

Anika hands over a dress to Soumya and says this is for you

Soumya ‘’ this? ‘’

Anika ‘’ can’t I gift it to my sister…now I am your jhetani so you better follow my order ‘’

They both laugh and hug each other and

Soumya POV ‘’Shivaay has gifted this Anika didi…I am sorry I cannot reveal ‘’

Anika Pov ‘’ Sorry sumo Shivaay planned this I cannot reveal anything’’

both left in opposite directions towards their rooms…………..

Anika got ready in a sleeveless black short dress , black ear tops and red lipstick, a black stone neck piece, her long tresses semi curled ……….

What Next – Ishqbaaz OS – Shot 2 – CONCLUSION Written Update


Soumya was gifted with a one sleeve black long gown, a white stone neck piece and matching earrings….she left her hair puffed and tresses free, she applied maroon lipstick….

Shivaay informed he will directly reach the venue but not to wait for him for the party to start…..

Rudra wore a white shirt, black trouser and a black jacket….he was unusually handsome………he was waiting for the ladies to come down so that he can drive back to the venue….

Both the damsels got ready and came down…

Rudra was awestruck seeing soumya and was continuously staring at her without even blinking eyes…

Anika went to him and said ‘’ Rudra control ….i know my devrani/sister is looking smoking hot but we are in living room ..’’

Rudra ‘’ kya Bhabhi… I mean when you are looking s**y why would I look at that pehelwan ?’’

Soumya felt bad but she looked other side ignoring Rudra however she was expecting him to give her compliments …

Rudra ‘’ shall we go Bhabhi ?’’

Anika ‘’ yes offcourse , we are getting late’’

Rudra ‘’ Ok come lets go !!!’’

Anika and Rudra left but Soumya stayed back………Anika saw and shouted

Anika ‘’ Soumya what are you doing there? Come we are getting late’’

Soumya had tears and controlled herself and said ‘’ Dii I am not feeling like coming …you both go…I will stay back’’

Rudra ‘’ no…how can you stay back…what will I do being alone there’’

Anika looked at Rudra speaking like that and controlled her laugh and said ‘’Ok soumya…I will not insist if you don’t want to but think about Shivaay ’’
Rudra ‘’ kya Bhabhi…Shivaay bhayya will feel bad…Soumya you can’t do this..’’

He went near her held her shoulder and said ‘’ I know you will not come even if I ask you but you should come for Bhayya and Bhabhi…and this is final don’t argue’’

After saying this he looked into her eyes ‘’say yes’’

Soumya said ‘’ yes’’

He left her shoulder and said ‘’ now let’s go ‘’

All the three left till car and Anika said ‘’ soumya you sit in the front seat…I will sit in the back seat and relax’’

Soumya nodded and all three reached farmhouse…….

Rudra informed all his college mates except Reyaan, and Soumya called her classmates except Romi……

And the incomplete guest list members were invited by Anika…….

Everyone except Romi and Reyaan entered the venue…the music was loud and Rudra went into the center and started dancing…Anika asked Soumya to go and enjoy but Soumya was in no mood…..Anika was smiling all the way looking at the inconvenient face of Sumo….

Anika messaged Reyaan and Romi to come fast…finally they entered……….

Later she messaged Shivaay to come as everyone has arrived………….

Seeing Reyaan Rudy’s face shrinked ….seeing Romi Soumya was angered…….
Reyaan directly went to soumya and sat beside her and started chatting …….Rudra noticed everything….he was dancing but now was out of sync….Soumya was smiling and speaking to reyaan…

Romi went till Rudra and dragged him aside while Soumya noticed

Romi ‘’ I am sorry Rudra with whatever I have done with you earlier …. I did it without knowing truth’’

Rudy ‘’ it’s okay Romi I forgot all that..you helped Shivaay bhayya and now I don’t have any issues with you’’

Romi ‘’ so friends ‘’ and extended her hand…

Rudra ‘’ friends’’ and held her hand and shook hands

Soumya was jealous seeing both of them like that….while Romi hugged Rudy …Soumya’s jealousy turned into burning anger………

Rudra looked at Soumya very next moment…and Soumya turned her face other side ………

Soumya ‘’ Reyaan…I am feeling like dancing…will you accompany me?’’

Reyaan ‘’ sure why not?’’

Reyaan got down the chair and extended his hand asking her for dance …Soumya smiled and kept her hand on his and moved towards Dance floor……

They danced on ‘’Hamko hameesi churalo…dil mein kahi tum chupalo’’ while in between Soumya was looking at Rudra and when both their eyes met she used to look Reyaan and all the while Rudra was glaring at them angrily……..

Shivaay entered the venue and looked for Anika …Anika waved at him…he went till her and she said what all happened till then…and Shivaay said ‘’ that means our plan is working properly’’
Now Rudra couldn’t control her anger anymore he went till the centre of dance floor pulled Reyaan away from Soumya and slapped him hard…Soumya stood there shocked so was all others including Shivika…..

Soumya shouted ‘’ Rudra..what did you do? ‘’

Rudra ‘’ you…you just shut up…I should have done this very earlier’’

He turned towards Reyaan and said ‘’ don’t you know she is someone’s wife and you are dancing her holding her…holding her..’’

Rudra couldn’t complete the sentence and Reyaan was holding his cheeks with eyes wide open…

Soumya ‘’ But Rudra’’

Rudra ‘’ just shut up ‘’ he held her hand and dragged her into the garden

Shivika followed them silently without being noticed by Rumya………

Soumya ‘’ Rudra leave me …it’s hurting’’

Rudra ‘’ shut up…what you did just now had hurt me much more than this’’

Soumya ‘’ what did I do?’’

Rudra ‘’ don’t behave as if you don’t know anything?’’

Soumya ‘’ enough Rudra stop now…I can’t walk anymore’’

Rudra left her hand in irritation …they were in garden of farmhouse now…….

Shivika hid behind the nearby bush…

Anika ‘’ Shivaay ..we will be caught …this is just a small bush’’

Shivaay ‘’ sshhh…Anika…they are fighting not searching for us’’

Anika ‘’ ohh ya…why will they see us? They are busy in fighting now’’

Shivaay ‘’ if you don’t stop talking they will stop fighting and will understand everything and come to find us’’

Anika was about to say when shivaay cupped her mouth and asked her to concentrate on Rumya…

Rudra ‘’ You can’t walk anymore with me? But you can dance continuously with that skeleton Reyaan’’

Soumya ‘’ yes …because he is my best friend’’

Rudra ‘’ I thought I was your only friend…now Reyaan is your best friend ..i forgot …I am nothing to you ‘’

Soumya ‘’ was I ever anything to you….you again patched up with Romi…. I saw everything’’

Rudra ‘’ she said sorry so I patched up with her’’

Soumya ‘’ if you patched up with her then you could have left her after shaking hands …not hugged her ‘’

Rudra ‘’ I didn’t hug her she hugged me’’

Soumya ‘’ what’s the difference…you got what you want’’
Rudra ‘’ what do you mean’’

Soumya had tears in her eyes and while crying said ‘’ I understand everything …you were always behind Romi and when she said sorry you forgot everything and again started ….’’

Rudra ‘’ what nonsense ‘’

Soumya ‘’ I am not saying nonsense…tell me were you not mad behind Romi ?’’

Rudra ‘’ I was but not now’’

Soumya ‘’ don’t lie…truth is …I am not so good looking as Romi …I am fat…I eat lot of paranthas…I never looked beautiful …even today you didn’t compliment me ‘’

Anika ‘’ ooo my poor devrani…’’

Shivika ‘’ yes my poor little sister’’

Anika ‘’ I think you should support Rudra’’

Shivaay ‘’ he is also mad like you so it’s better I support my love angel ‘’

Anika ‘’ yeah..i mean what..i am mad’’

Shivaay ‘’yes and now you don’t start fighting’’

Anika ‘’Poor Rudra..how cute he looks …Rudra is my cute devar….my best friend …my team mate’’

Shivaay ‘’ Anika…enough…let’s concentrate’’

Anika ‘’ ok…ok ‘’

Rudra ‘’ you are also not so innocent….you were flirting and dancing sensuously with him ‘’

Soumya ‘’ not so intimately like you hugged that devi ‘’

Rudra ‘’ Stop it …enough now….fact is you never liked me ….you always were behind that skeleton and today..today ..you proved that’’

Soumya ‘’ shut up Rudra…did you ever ask me whom I like ? how could you conclude that I like Reyaan? did I ever hang out with him as you did with Romi …it was you who always ignored me …who asked me to get out of your life ‘’

She cried badly …Rudra couldn’t see her as something was happening as if he couldn’t stand anymore…….

Rudra ‘’ do you think so bad of me Sumo ?’’

Soumya looked at him after she heard Rudra speaking so softly…she wiped her tears

Soumya ‘’ what shall I think Rudra….you didn’t make me form any other opinion…I cried everyday reminding of our marriage …but after you said that this marriage has no meaning I had no more thought left ‘’

Rudra ‘’ so you left in hesitation…why couldn’t you wait for me….’’

Soumya ‘’ you only asked me to leave and after I left you didn’t ever tried to bring me back …’’

Rudra ‘’ and after you left I had no peace … I never was my usual self…I remembered you… I said in anger and the situation was such …it’s true I never tried to get you back because I was much angered that you left me without informing….‘’

Soumya ‘’ I am sorry Rudra…. I couldn’t think anything else …. I always wanted to keep this marriage but not pressurise you for the same…so I left you ‘’
Rudra ‘’ you were love angel right…when you could give whole world advice …couldn’t you dare to give me some peace of mind’’

Soumya ‘’yes I should have given ‘’ she said while nodding her head up and down….

Rudra was also crying by then he went near her and hugged her after seeing her innocently nodding her head

Rudra ‘’ I love you sumo pehelwaan …. And I can’t see you with anyone else……….please don’t go away from me ‘’

Soumya ‘’ I love you too Rudra …. I too cannot see you with anyone else….’’

They both were standing in the mid of garden hugging each other while Shivaay and Anika were enjoying seeing them like that and after a while went till them and said

Shivaay ‘’ done with your romance ?’’

They both felt shy and Rudra back to his chirpy form and said ‘’Romance..what romance we were just fighting and patched up ‘’

Soumya ‘’ yes bhayya…we just patched up ‘’

Anika ‘’ ohh okay …I love you sumo pehelwaan, I love you too Rudra was just patching up…right?’’

Soumya hugged Shivaay shyly and Rudra went to Anika and said ‘’Bhabhi we both are in one team so you just forget everything okay’’

Anika ‘’ haan haan devar ji…why not I will forget everything but after informing our family memebrs…okay?’’

Rudra folds his hands and hugs Anika while Shivika smiles happily…
Anika ‘’ I am so happy for both of you …always stay happy and be together…we always want to see you both like this …because you both make khidkitodh pair…ek dum mast pair….like sairabhanu and dilip kumar ‘’

Rudra ‘’ who are they ? ‘’

Shivaay ‘’ Rudra forget about them and lets go inside you need to apologise Reyaan for your behaviour….’’

Rudra ‘’ But bhayya…’’

Shivaay ‘’ no more words …do as I say…he was just acting and this was our plan to make you both realise your feelings ‘’

Anika ‘’ yeah…see we made a darwazatodh plan …right ?’’

Rudra whispered ‘’ another darwazatodh plan is awaiting Bhabhi just wait and watch’’

Anika ‘’ did you say something Rudra’’

Rudra ‘’ no ..no ..nothing bhabhi’’

Anika was still teasing them and all four of them entered the place where party was going on…

Rudra went till Reyaan and apologised to him…Reyaan accepted his apologies and they both hugged ….Sumo and Romi also patched up ….

The party began again full fledged….Rudy’s friends dragged Anika and Anika also went happily to the dance floor and started dancing …

Rumya showed thumbs up to Shivaay…Shivaay smiled ….and sat back for a while enjoying fruit juice and seeing Anika happily dancing …………
Anika was also looking at Shivaay in constant intervals………

Suddenly Shivaay left from the place, while Anika was dancing ……..Anika suddenly looked but Shivaay was nowhere to be seen…….

Anika went till Rumya and asked ‘’ Did you see Shivaay anywhere?’’

Rudra ‘’ Bhabhi he was here till now ..’’

Anika ‘’ yeah …I don’t understand where he left suddenly’’

Rudra ‘’ Don’t worry Bhabhi..you just stay here…I will search him’’

Anika ‘’ No Rudra…you guys stay here …All these are all your classmates…you guys enjoy …I will bring him back’’

Rudra ‘’ Ok Bhabhi as you say’’

Anika was leaving from there when Rudra called her and said ‘’all the best Bhabhi…now everything will be alright’’

Anika ‘’ what? Why are you saying all the best ?’’

Soumya ‘’ aa… no…nothing Bhabhi…he meant to say all the best for your search…’’ she stared at Rudra angrily

Rudra ‘’ haan yes Bhabhi..sumo is saying correct…only she understands me properly’’

Soumya pressed his hand indicating him to stop overacting….

Anika ‘’ you have gone mad Rudra…I am leaving now and will come back with Shivaay’’

Rudra ‘’ we too want that Bhabhi..go..go…you are getting late’’

Anika left ….

Rudra truned towards Sumo and said

Rudra ‘’ Come Sumo we will also go behind ‘’

Sumo ‘’ Rudra ..bad manners…it’s their personal time…we shouldn’t go’’

Rudra ‘’ you are pehelwaan but you don’t have brain…when bhayya and Bhabhi came behind us then did they think about bad manners…. So now we will follow their footsteps’’

Sumo ‘’ Rudra..you are duffer and dumbbell and we will remain same….they followed because we both were fighting then …now we know their plan so we shouldn’t’’

Rudra ‘’ ohh like that..then fine…..but I am not so seedha saadha…why will I leave this golden chance to tease my poojya bhayya…’’

Sumo ‘’ but Rudra’’

Rudra ‘’ ssh…come …O ki behen’’

Sumo ‘’ what ?’’

Rudra ‘’ Om bhayya ki behen…satyavan bhayya ki sacchi behen…now come’’

Rumya also left from there…..and were finding Shivika………

Anika left from there and went in search of Shivaay….she searched everywhere and finally found him at the first floor of farmhouse in the balcony facing backside …………
Anika ‘’ Shivaay why did you leave the party and come here’’

Shivaay ‘’ I was not interested in party ’’

Anika ‘’ seems like someone is burning?’’

Shivaay ‘’ are you burning ?’’

Anika now came infront of him and said

Anika ‘’ don’t act smart…I understood you didn’t like me dancing all alone’’

Shivaay ‘’ are you kidding? Why will I feel bad?’’

Anika was confused now

Anika ‘’ you really didn’t feel bad… I thought you were angry because I was dancing with Rudy’s friends and so you left the party ‘’

Shivaay ‘’ no not at all… I am not jealous …so you go and dance’’

Anika ‘’ no now I am not in a mood’’

Shivaay ‘’ seems like someone is disappointed because I am not jealous’’

Anika ‘’no..i am not disappointed’’

Shivaay ‘’ it’s clearly showing on your facing Anika that you are disappointed’’

Anika ‘’ don’t try to make me accept’’

Shivaay ‘’ ohh ya ..i forgot…you don’t accept anything’’

Anika ‘’ why are you angry then ? ‘’

Shivaay ‘’ now I don’t have any feelings towards you… …I absolutely have no feelings …which means I am not angry with you ‘’

Anika was totally confused …she stood there disappointed listening to his words…..

Shivaay walked towards the balcony and stood there not giving Anika any attention……

Anika was shocked by his behaviour and started thinking what went wrong…….Shivaay counted one …two…three…four …five and at the count of five Anika started speaking and Shivaay was laughing silently …….

Anika ‘’ Shivaay did I do something wrong ? ‘’

Shivaay without turning back spoke ‘’No’’

Anika ‘’ then why are you angry ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ Anika I said I am not angry…I think it’s late we must leave’’

Anika was hurt now and sat down in the chair ………..Shivaay observed her and thought

Shivaay POV ‘’ now she will open up her feelings for me….i have instigated to the maximum…I just have to act for few more seconds…I am sorry Anika but before I make you mine completely by all senses …I want to hear how you feel about me…and I am doing all this only for that…trust me not for the challenge ‘’

He came out of his thoughts and went near her and said

Shivaay ‘’what happened Anika? Why have you become silent’’
Anika ‘’ why do you care? You don’t have any feelings towards me now right? ‘’

Shivaay ‘’yes..but what’s wrong in this’’

Anika ‘’what’s wrong? You are asking me what’s wrong? Then listen everything is wrong ….how can you say you don’t have any feelings? Am I not dear to you anymore?’’

Shivaay ‘’ Anika I never said that’’

Anika ‘’you didn’t say it directly but I can understand you meant it ‘’

Tears covered her eyes and she said with a choking voice

Anika ‘’You have hurt me bad Shivaay…I used to desperately wait when you would come near me…..when you would tease me..when you would be jealous singh oberoi…when you would touch me…when you would make me sensuous….you will never understand how complete I used to feel when you were being close to me….and now by saying you don’t have anymore feelings you made me ………’’

She cried unable to complete the sentence ………….he smiled after listening to what all she said and understood it hurts her equally …………..

Rumya were searching for Shivika in the entire garden area but they were not to be found……….

Rudra ‘’ Sumo ..Bhayya has said that he will be coming here in the garden and will make Anika bhabhi confess…but they are not to be seen anywhere…I am tired searching them’’

Soumya ‘’ Dumbell Oberoi…Shivaay bhayya is not buddhu like you …he knew you will come behind him so he might have changed the location and you came in his trap and made me walk all this while’’

Rudra ‘’ yeah Sumo you are right…..next time I will not leave shivaay bhayya…I am tired …please pick me up and take me in ‘’
Sumo ‘’ what? I think you should lift me as you go to gym ‘’

Rudra ‘’ I will not live anymore if I lift you ‘’

Sumo shut his mouth and said ‘’never say this again Rudra….i cannot stay away from you anymore…I really love you a lot’’

Rudra hugged her and said ‘’don’t worry …I will always be with you …because I love …I love…’’

Soumya ‘’ You love …continue’’

Rudra’’ because I love irritating you…I love fighting with you….i love being with you’’

They both laughed happily

Rudra ‘’ come let me lift you ‘’

Sumo ‘’ no it’s okay we will go in’’

They both went inside…………….

Shivaay smiled looking at her happily then put up normal expression on his face, wiped her tears and made her stand, Anika bent her head down, Shivaay held her by her shoulders and spoke……..

Shivaay ‘’look at me Anika’’

Anika ‘’no…I don’t want to look at you…leave me’’

Shivaay ‘’look at me Anika’’

Anika looked at him ……
Shivaay ‘’ can this ever happen that I will not have any feelings for you? ‘’

Anika looked at him with wide eyes and said ‘’But you said it just now’’

Shivaay ‘’ssshhhh’’ and pulled her towards him, wiped her tears, kissed her forehead ….she closed her eyes

Shivaay ‘’even when I was saying those harsh lines… you being near was making me go crazy….how will I even think of not having any feelings for you when you are my life……’’

Anika was blushing now….

Shivaay ‘’ Anika I care for you every moment because you complete me……..i always try to find a way to be near you……’’

Anika hugged him listening to his words…he reciprocated…….

Anika ‘’ then why did you say such stupid lines’’ she said while hugging him

Shivaay ‘’ Anika I was trying to know how you feel when I am near to you in every sense, from past few days……… but you were adamant on not disclosing your feelings…..so I just had to say all those lines….’’

Anika broke the hug and looked at him and said ‘’but why do you want to know ?’’

Shivaay ‘’ because I wanted to become your husband not stay as your partner and as long as I don’t know your emotions I could never take step forward’’

Anika understood what he meant and became shy …..she turned and walked towards balcony blushing………

Shivaay went near her and hugged her from back……Anika held his hands and closed her eyes……

Shivaay set her hair aside and took out her neck piece making patterns on her bare neck……….she felt current passing in her body……..

Shivaay went near her ears and said huskily ‘’ I LOVE YOU ANIKA….when I am near you your mere presence make me go crazy….i cannot even stay stable……you have done this magic on me……I have said everything …now i want to know whether it’s the same with you ?’’

Anika nodded in agreement…….

Shivaay ‘’ I want to listen Anika ‘’

Anika turned towards him lifted her foot up to reach his ears and spoke

Anika ‘’ Yes Shivaay….It hurts….it hurts me the same way it hurts you….i always wait for you to take me in your arms…I too go crazy when you touch me….when you kiss me…when you are near me…’’

She put her foot down and stared at him and said

Anika ‘’ today without any shy I want to say something ….. I need you shivaay….. in all means I need you…I want you to complete me….i want you to be my husband and I want to become your wife by all senses ….because I LOVE YOU TOO Shivaay….I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ‘’

Shivaay listened to her in disbelief and hugged her tight…….they both smiled happily hugging each other……

All the guests left and Rudra and Soumya were waiting for Shivika………

Rudra ‘’ Sumo I think we should call them’’

Soumya ‘’ yes…it’s pretty late’’

Rudra called and as music was off he could hear Shivaay’s mobile ringing in the first floor………
Rumya walked in the direction of the sound and reached the balcony area finally….Shivika were still hugging and were in their own sweet world………

Rudra winked at Soumya and took a picture of them…..he forgot to switch off the flash….and while taking the pic of Shivika it flashed and then they came into senses……….

Now it was their turn to feel embarrassed…………….

Rudra went near Shivaay in full attitude and said ‘’ you were teasing me a lot earlier now see what i do…and he shows picture of them hugging….’’

Shivaay ‘’Rudra…delete the pic now’’

Rudra ‘’No way bhayya…now I will show this to our big Oberoi family…let them also see your romance’’

Shivaay ‘’Shut up Rudra’’

Rudra was running and Shivaay was chasing

Anika was blushing and hugged Sumo….Both were laughing at both brothers Tom and Jerry race……….

Rudra stopped and said ‘’ wait bhayya…we will make a deal…you will not say anything about us to our family and I will not show this picture to anyone…deal’’

Shivaay ‘’ okay..deal’’

Rudra ‘’ see I am also a good businessman’’ he said raising his collar….

Shivaay ‘’ off course’’

Rudra ‘’ so bhayya you won your challenge?’’
Anika ‘’ challenge? What challenge? ‘’

Rudra ‘’ Aree Bhabhi…Shivaay bhayya said that he challenged to make you accept your feelings and make you confess too…now by seeing both your pose I am sure my bhayya won’’

Shivaay knew he was gone now and gave a deadly glare to Rudra………

Anika ‘’ohh …so that being angry and coming here was all your plan to make me accept’’

Shivaay ‘’no..no… I mean…yes…’’

Anika walked away in a huff….Shivaay followed her

Sumo came to Rudra and hit his head saying ‘’When will you grow up Rudra…you made them fight….i feel so sorry for them’’

Rudra’’ what did I do? I said truth’’

Sumo ‘’ Duffer…your truth at wrong time made them fight…anyways leave it …you will not understand……’’

Rudra came near her and hugged her the same way his Shivaay bhayya hugged her Anika Bhabhi and said ‘’You make me understand Sumo….make me intelligent from Duffer …..from now on it’s I mean I am your responsibility ‘’

Sumo ‘’ Rudra you are good as you are…I don’t want to change you…let us fight like this because we are complete like this’’

Rudra ‘’ thank you and I LOVE YOU sumo pehelwaan’’

Sumo ‘’ I LOVE YOU TOO Duffer Oberoi ‘’

Shivaay went behind Anika and held her and said ‘’I am sorry Anika…I didn’t mean to hurt you….i accept that I played the trick …but whatever I said you upstairs was real truth…….you are my life …I love you and I am crazy about you….please don’t be angry’’

Anika laughed and said ‘’how did I act now ?’’

Shivaay gave an impossible look while Anika hugged him and said ‘’ I know when it comes to me you are serious about your feelings…I love you too Shivaay’’

Shivaay ‘’ I think we both are ready to complete the wish of dadi ‘’

Anika blushed and said ‘’you are shameless……you speak anything anywhere’’

Shivaay ‘’what’s wrong ..i mean I am elder son so I think before Rudra we must complete Dadi’s wish of either Ansh or Shivika…what say?’’

Anika ‘’stop it Shivaay’’

They both were laughing and Rumya came down…………….They drove back to Oberoi Mansion accomplishing their mission completely !!!

———————————————————-THE END——————————————————





What Next – Ishqbaaz OS – Shot 2 – CONCLUSION Written Update

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