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A bungalow is shown with a name plate BOSE PARADISE .
Bejoy was sitting on the sofa reading a news paper.
Bejoy – Arey wah! Meri Sona ka interview. Asha, Saurabh, Elena , Ma jaldi aao Sona ka interview publish hua hain
Asha – Bejoy Sona ka interview pehli baar. nahi aaya hain…
(Sona’s interview has not come for the first time)
Saurabh – Aap bhi na baba kitna over excited ho jate ho.
Elena – Haan mesho.. Dekho na mein nail polish laga rahi thi aur Aap ne bula liya..
(Yes mesho I was applying nail polish and you called me )
Bejoy – iss ghar mein kisi ko Sona ki padhi hi nahi hain…But sun lo tum sab mein hoon meri Sona ke liye..
(In this house nobody cares about Sona..But you all listen I am there for my Sona)
Dadi- iski overacting phir se shuru ho gaya…Jaldi Sona ko bulao…😊😊
(He has started his overacting again someone call Sona fast)


A girl is shown talking on her phone
Girl- mere sare appointments 1 hr delay kardo . Mujhe Dr Sinha se Milne jaana hain.
(Delay my appointments by an hour .. I have to go and meet Dr Sinha)
Elena shouts Sona. But Sona was busy on her phone. Elena murmurs to Saurabh .
Elena – ab Dekho Dada mein Sona ko yaha kaise lekhe aati hoon..
(Now you see Dada how will I bring Sona here)
Elena shouts loudly so that Sona could hear.
Elena – Dada Dekho Mr Dev Dixit ka interview … Kitne handsome hain na yeh..
(Dada see Mr Dev Dixit ‘s interview. He is so handsome)
When she heard Dev ‘s name Sona cuts the call and runs down. But Elena would not give her the paper easily. Sona ran behind Elena. Everyone except Saurabh were confused. Finally Sona snatches the paper but to her dismay their was no interview of Dev. Sona glared at Elena angrily.
Sona left for hospital to meet Dr Sinha.
Dr Sinha- Come in Dr Sonakshi…I called you so that I could ask you personally to come to the party today evening….
Sonakshi- Sir you know that I am not into these parties I get bored.
Dr Sinha- common Sonakshi you are going to be given an award and you say you are going to get bored dear…I don’t know anything I want you to attend the party for sure. Even your Dada is invited so what is the problem..
Sona- I cannot say no to you sir I will come for sure.
It’s evening Sona was getting ready for the party. She had no mood to go but due to Dr Sinha’s insistence she was going to go to a stupid boring party with Saurabh and Jatin.

Sona’s Dress

At the party….
All the famous personalities had already gathered at the venue. They were waiting for the main guest to arrive. .
A voice is heard
“Waqt kisika intezaar nahi Kartha hain…Na logo ko intezaar karna chahiye … Abh mein aa gaya hoon toh apni intezaar khatam khijiye aur party shuru khijiye”
Everyone turn back towards the door and find the youngest business tycoon the most eligible bachelor Dev Dixit standing at the entrance. The media surrounds him . Dev walks in.
Dev’s suit

Dr Sinha was waiting for Sonakshi to arrive . When Sona was coming along with Jatin and Saurabh she receives a phone call. It was from her happy home.
Caller – Sona di Chintu ko bohut thez bukar aa gaya hain aur woh Davayi lene se mana kar raha hain.
(Sona di Chintu has high fever and he is refusing to take the medicines)
Sona – chintha math karo mein waha aathi hoon
(Don’t worry I will come there)
Sona cuts the call and asks Saurabh to drop her at Happy Home
Saurabh – par Sona Dr Sinha ne itna insist kiya aur award ka kya hoga …
(But Sona Dr Sinha insisted so much and what about the award)
Sona- Dada don’t worry aap aur Jatin jao…Mein Chintu ko medicines dekhe aa jaungi cab mein…
(Dada don’t worry..You and Jatin go …I will give Chintu medicines and come)
Saurabh and Jatin leave. Sona also goes inside happy home to meet Chintu.
At the party…
Dr Sinha was talking to Dev when he notices that Saurabh and Jatin had arrived. His eyes search for Sonakshi but to his dismay she has not come. He excuses himself and comes to Saurabh and Jatin.
Dr Sinha- Saurabh Sonakshi kaha hain…Don’t tell me she is not going to come..Aaj usse award bhi Milne wala tha…At least mere liye aajathi..
Jatin- Dr Sinha don’t worry woh toh happy home mein kisi bache ki tabiyath teekh nahi thi aur woh Davayi nahi le raha tha tho Sona usse Milne gayi hain…Par woh waha se nikal chuki hain toh jaldi pahuch jayegi..
(A child in happy home has fallen sick and he was not taking his medicines so Sona has gone to meet him….Don’t worry she has already started and will come here any time)
Dr Sinha nods and goes.
The party was going in full swing . Dev was busy with the media. The organisers ask all the guests to be seated so that they could honour a few people for their work. After a few awards they call out Dev’s name.
Dev goes to receive the award . He thanks everyone for supporting him.
Sonakshi has still not arrived and her name could be called any moment. Dr Sinha asked Jatin to go and inform the organisers that Sonakshi could not make it up. But it was too late the organisers had already announced Sona’s name.

Organisers – Dr Sonakshi Bose please come and collect your award…Dr Bose are you present in this party…
Dr Sinha was about to answer when someone shouts
” I am here”. Everyone including Dev gets up to see Sonakshi. But no one could see her face as light was focused on her . Sona walks in. Suddenly the power goes off. Sona was wearing heels and because of the darkness she slipped but Dev holds her hands. (As he does when a boy comes to meet Sona at Dixit house).Due to darkness they could not see each other’s face. Sona thanks him. Just then power comes and Sona rushes to the stage . She doesn’t see Dev’s face nor does he. When Sona was receiving the award few strands of her hair were covering her face so Dev could not see her face clearly. After receiving the award Sona turns towards him. Now finally Dev could see Sonakshi. She was looking so beautiful. It was as if the dress was made only for her. Dev was mesmerised by her beauty. The organisers allowed the media to ask Sonakshi some questions. The media reporters were sitting in front of the guests so Sona could not see Dev. The media reporters start asking her questions and she answers them with ease. One of the media reporters asks her
Media reporter- Mam whenever you are asked about your inspiration you just smile and don’t answer. But today is really a special day for you . Why don’t you answer that question now?
Sona – i won’t disappoint you this time…Well my inspiration is…Is… Mr Dev Dixit..

Sona didn’t know that Dev was also present in the party. Dev was shocked that he was the inspiration of the most successful woman Dr Sonakshi Bose .The media reporters turn and look towards Dev. Sona still could not see Dev. She asks the media reporters whether there was a problem. Everyone turn back towards her. Another reporter asks her
Media reporter- Mam can we know why Mr Dev is your inspiration
Sona- well yes… He is my inspiration because of the way he is devoted to his work. I find myself in same place as Mr Dev because we both worked really hard to be in this position.
Reporter- Mam have you met Mr Dev Dixit any time
Sona- No I haven’t got that opportunity yet. But I surely look forward to meet Mr Dixit one day.
Reporter- Mam why don’t we fulfil your wish today…
Sona- I didn’t understand …What do you mean by fulfilling my wish…
Everyone get up and make way for Dev. Dev walks towards the stage. Sona was hell shocked to see Dev Dixit walking towards her. He comes onto the stage and extends a hand towards Sona
Dev – Hi I am …
But before he could complete
Sona – I know Mr Dev Dixit…





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