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We r made of each other Episode 3 Written Update

We r made of each other Episode 3 Written Update

Episode 3

Its evening.. Anika got ready in her saree she was looking breathtaking gorgeous her smoky eyes was giving a beautiful finish to her makeup..finally she got ready..Daksh comes to the room..nd speaks to anika
Daksh- today someone is looking to se*y..nd hold her by waist..anika was feeling uncomfortable her eyes again welled up..
Anika- I..m..ready..we..will..be late..fr the party..
Daksh- I m spending some romantic time with my biwi(wife)..let me spend…his touch was making anika too angry he was about to kiss her..he pushed him.
Nd he fell down..
Daksh got up nd was about to hit anika than his fon rang.. It was his PA
PA- sir..u will get late fr the party..
Daksh- yaa I m coming..nd he disconnected the call..
He looked at anika whose expression was angry…
Daksh- let’s go..(bechara anika se darr gaya😂😂)

 We r made of each other Episode 3 Written Update

Nxt seen..

Daksh nd anika reached the venue…the hotel was beautifully decorated with different types of flowers.
Their was a bar counter nd a dance stage..many guests had arrived but shivaye didn’t came yet..
Daksh was introducing his friends to anika..some of his friends eyed anika lustfully.
She was feeling uncomfortable but has to show fake smile on her face..
Than shivaye comes…daksh sees him…nd both shaked hands
Daksh- Mr.oberoi..come meet my better half..
Shivaye- sure come..
Daksh nd shivaye comes to anika..daksh was about to speak further the host announced dance fr the couples..
After seeing shivaye anika was having a unknown feeling.. Not only anika but shivaye also both shares a eye lock..
Daksh- anika come let’s have a couple dance..
With no option left to anika she agreed nd gone to stage..the lights went off..

Hamsafar plays in background..

Anika was forcefully dancing with daksh than their partners got changed anika was with shivaye…
They shared eye locks….both were dancing romantically..
Than the lights came nd both parted away..

Nxt seen..

Shivaye was talking with someone than his locket (guys the locket which anika also haves)fell fells frm his pocket he was aware of it..

Later Shivaye left..anika nd daksh was about to go than anika saw the same locket..she looked at it..nd picked it up..

Anika’s POV
This is the same locket which I gave to my shivaye.. I opened the locket nd yaa it was mee nd shivaye a drop of tear fell frm my eyes..means shivaye came here..we were so close but still destiny didn’t allow us to meet with eo..I put the locket in my purse nd left to my house..with daksh..





We r made of each other Episode 3 Written Update

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