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Saiyyam’s Past part 3 Written Update

Saiyyam’s Past part 3 Written Update

Hi guys✨Let me just start off with an apology. I am so so soooo sorry that I haven’t updated in like a month. Life has just been very busy, with school, exams, and generally just life. But I promise you guys that you won’t have to wait a month for the next update😊Now I hope you enjoy this chapter ☺

Saiyyam’s P.O.V

I could feel someone slowly stroking my hair and holding my hand while I slept. I opened my eyes and saw Maa sitting beside me on my bed.

Saiyyam’s Past part 3 Written Update

Suhani: Saiyyam you’re awake.

Saiyyam: Maa, what are you doing here?

Suhani: Saiyyam, you fell unconscious…what happened.

I suddenly remembered how I reacted on seeing Manoj.

Saiyyam: Umm, nothing. I think it was just due to the heat. I’ll go now ( I say getting up and trying to avoid the conversation)

Suhani: Saiyyam ( Suhani says while holding Saiyyam down and making him sit on the bed again) Don’t run away from me. Tell me what happened why are you so scared.

Saiyyam: Scared? You think I’m scared? No, why would I be scared.

Suhani: Saiyyam, the doctor said you had a panic attack.

Saiyyam: And you believed him? Please that doctor doesn’t know anything.

Suhani: Saiyyam. It’s not about what the doctor said. I saw you. I saw you with my own two eyes. You kept saying is like ‘he’s back, he’s going to hurt me’. Who is ‘He’ Saiyyam? Who are you so afraid of.

Saiyyam: No one! I’m not cared of anything or anyone!

Suhani: Saiyyam. Please tell me what happened.

Saiyyam: I can’t! I can’t tell you. Just leave me alone! (I shout walking out of the room)

Suhani: Why Saiyyam? Why are you not sharing your problems with me? I am your mother. If you won’t share them with me, then who will you share them with? But don’t you worry, I’m your mother. I will find out the truth, and I will help you.

Some time later…

Krishna was watering the plants out side when she heard someone talking. She walked one and saw Saiyyam sitting on the garden bench and talking to himself.

Krishna: Poor Saiyyam. He’s in trauma and we don’t even know why. I’ll go cheer him up(Krishna thinks)

Krishna: Hi Saiyyam.( Krishna says as she sits beside him on the bench)

Saiyyam: Umm hi.

Krishna: What are you doing?

Saiyyam: Nothing just sitting down, getting some fresh air, and getting away from…

Krishna: Getting away from all the questions.

Saiyyam: Yeah. (He sighs)

Krishna: Don’t worry Saiyyam, I won’t ask you anything. When your ready to tell us, then you will tell us, but until then, just know that I’m here for you…always.

Saiyyam: Why Krishna? Why are you so concerned about me? Why are you so concerned about the person who forced you to marry him, and the person whose father killed your mother? And why are you so concerned about the person who is the son of a rapi-

Krishna: No Saiyyam (she says putting a finger on his mouth) Never say that. Never.

Saiyyam: We can’t run away from the truth Krishna. And the truth is that I am the son of someone who has hurt both your mothers. A son of a murderer, and the son of a rapist.

Krishna: Stop it Saiyyam! Is this what you think of yourself? Such horrible things. Listen to me Saiyyam( Krishna says while cupping his face in her hands) Today I will tell you who you are.

Saiyyam: Krishna please.

Krishna: No Saiyyam. You are the son of Suhani Birla. You are the son of a clean, pure hearted women. You are the son of a women who single handedly raised her own children and somebody else’s aswell. You are the son of a women who never discriminated between her own blood and not her blood. You are the son of a women who loves you very much, and who doesn’t want to lose you again. That’s who you are Saiyyam. You are Suhani Birla’s son.

Saiyyam: How Krishna? How can I saw that I’m her son. How can I say that. I’m not worthy of it. I’m not worthy to be loved! I’m not worthy to have anyone’s love, especially not my mothers. (Saiyyam says pulling Krishna’s hands away from his face and then walking away)

Krishna: Why Saiyyam? Why do you feel so lowly of yourself? (Krishna says while wiping the tears away from her cheeks)

Pre-cap- Suhani: Saiyyam, please don’t walk away from me. I am your mother. You can share your problems with me.





Saiyyam’s Past part 3 Written Update

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