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Sanyukt 18th April 2017 Written Update

Sanyukt 18th April 2017 Written Update

Sam, Hetal, Uday and others celebrate Prachi’s birthday. She cuts cake and they all clap and wish happy birthday. Hetal and Sam give their gift to her. Hetal asks her to open it. Uday says birthday girl can check her gift. Prachi opens gift and gets very happy seeing her favorite purse. She says she was saving money for it. Uday gives his gift. She opens it and sees box full of lipsticks. Everyone laugh. Uday says when he came to her house for the first time, she was applying lipstick repeatedly, so he thought she likes lipstick. Prachi reminisces incident. Hetal says she hugged everyone, so should Uday also now. Uday gets shy.

Sanyukt 18th April 2017 Written Update

Prachi then says let us dance now. Sam plays tamma tamma loge…song..They all start dancing. Sam goes to change music and sees Hetal and Tanu’s photo in a box, thinks Hetal still loves her sister. He will try once more to reunite them. He silently moves aside while everyone are still busy dancing and calls Tanu. Tanu sees his call and rejects it as Rahul is sleeping on her lap. Sam repeatedly calls her. She silently frees herself and gets up while Rahul is still asleep. She asks why is he calling repeatedly. Sam asks her to send her Rehab report. Tanu asks why. He says he will show it to Hetal and clear her misunderstanding. Tanu thinks how to explain him. She acts that she cannot hear him and disconnects call. Sam messages her that he is going to Hetal and will tell her truth, not to message him till he replies back.

Hetal comes and holds Sam’s shoulder and asks which client is troubling him so much, she will scold his client to spare him today. He takes her out leaving phone on table. Hetal starts dancing. Uday asks Prachi to get him water. Prachi asks Hetal to get water as according to their deal, they will serve each other on their birthdays. Hetal goes to kitchen to pick water and hears Sam’s phone beeping. She picks phone to message client not to disturb Sam today, but gets shocked seeing Tanu’s messages. She reads all messages and starts crying.

Precap: Hetal breaks up with Sam. Sam requests to let him explain. Hetal pushes him and shouts its over now, get out….





Sanyukt 18th April 2017 Written Update

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