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If you stay with me…. part 1 Written Update

If you stay with me…. part 1 Written Update

Thank you for all the love. Here is the 1st chapter.
Bulbul: Di what is this?
Pragya: Bulbul!!!!
Pragya snatched the paper from Bulbul but bulbul had read a few words.
B: Something like dear pragya you blah blah blah was written in it. Di what was written tell me. Or let me read it.
Anjali: Bubbly didi we are not allowed to read someone’s,personal things without their permission.
B: Thank you for your lecture little teacher. And by the way who is this Bubbly didi?
A: You are Bubbly didi.
S: 7:55 am girls.
B: Oh my god diiiii!!!!
Pragya came out of the bathroom.
P: You all keep talking I am ready.
Bulbul and Sarla went out of the room.
P: Thank you my little angel for not letting Bubbly read this letter.
A: Welcome. And I am not a kid you keep calling me angel . Anjali made a pout😙😙.
P: Anjali I am getting late need to go now so bye.
A: But sis what was written in that note?
P: Oh, I’ll tell you when I am ready.
A: Okay it’s getting late sis you should go now. Bye Sis!
Anjali went out of the room.
Pragya read the letter in her heart.

 If you stay with me…. part 1 Written Update

Dear Pragya,
You are my princess and I am your prince. I love you to the core of my heart. Tell me what you think about me or Your mothers health might…..
You know what I can do.
With Love,

Pragya was thinking to throw the letter away and forget about it but what If Rajbeer really harmed her mother?
Bulbul: Di you coming?
Pragya put the paper in her bag and went out.

In the college.
Bulbul: Uncle last time plz let us go in.Please,please,pleaseeee
Bulbul made a puppy dog face.
They had been begging him from the past 15 mins
Gatekeeper: Ok go. And don’t say last time because you are late everyday.
They both smiled sheepishly and ran.
Pragya and Bulbul ran in their classes.
Pragya forgot all about the letter during History class(the last period).

After History class (Home time)
Pragya was packing her bag.
P: No,no,no,no, don’t tell me! WHERE IS IT?
The letter was missing. It was not in her bag.
P: What if someone finds out?
Bulbul: Who will find out what?
P: BULBUL!!!!!!.
B: Di what happened?
P: Did you take it.
B: What are you talking about?
P: The letter.
B: Which letter?
Does she really don’t know or is she acting?
Pragya thought.
P: Whatever let’s go home.
B: Di I want you to meet someone.
P: Who?

Precap: Bulbul,Purab and Abhi are talking.





If you stay with me…. part 1 Written Update

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