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Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-5) Written Update

Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-5) Written Update

“Yahooooooo!!!!!! There goes my first shot” shouted anika as the ball came down from the basket so smoothly. ” the game has just started. Just by one shot you cannot win a match” said shivaay panting very badly. Though shivaay putting on a confident face outside deep inside he too know that anika is playing quite well. At start the game between them was equal no one was ready to lose. But with each passing second anika’s skill was coming out she was not even giving a single chance for shivaay. He was repeatedly failing in getting hold of the ball from her.
“Yess!! I got the ball!! Now dare to take the ball from me. I’m not gonna give it to you” said shivaay as he got ball in his hand after so long time. “Don’t dare to dare me shivaay you will regret” said anika with a smirk on her face.

 Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-5) Written Update

Shivaay was bouncing the ball and was escaping from anika as she is constantly trying to take away the ball from him. Now shivaay was near the basket,he took the ball in his full hands and threw the ball in air towards the basket. As the ball was going to hit the basket a pair of hands had stopped it and took away the ball from reaching the basket. ” not fair…!! You cannot do like this!! It was about to hit the basket” said shivaay was a puppy face. ” heyy mister this is the rule of game. And what not fair,this is basket ball. And the game is played like this only” said anika while bouncing the ball.

Anika was leading towards the basket the shivaay came in front of her and was trying to take the ball from her. Anika very cleverly bounced the ball which took its way from between his legs. Anika took the balk in her hand and threw it in the basket again gaining her another point. Whereas shivaay was still in his place and thinking where the ball is? It took him few seconds to realize that the ball went from between his legs and anika has got another point.
“Yes I won the match” screamed anika as she has maximum points now and the time is up” anika screamed in joy as she had played basket ball after several years again. All the people who were watching this their jaws touched grounds all were watching this scenario with their mouths wide open. They were unable to believe that anika won the match over shivaay.

Shivaay POV:
She won the match with me..I should be angry but I’m really very happy that she is coming out from her fear. Today I totally saw a new form of anika. The one more reason for my happiness is she thought she won the match because she is playing well. Yaa I agree she is playing well,but I didn’t play well. How can I even play when such an enhancing beauty is infront of me. How can I even concentrate on my game. The reason I wasn’t able to stop from gaining points is when she jumps in air her poor crop top also starts flying in air and I can get to see her waist a little. How can I let that scene go away for a stupid game. So I have choose to watch her beauty over the game. But till now I didn’t come to know what was the real reason for her leaving basket ball. I have to find out.

POV ends..
After winning the game anika went outside the court directly towards tia who was having a shocked expression on her face. Anika went and stood near her. ” see tia dear I have won the game and even the challenge.. Now also you want to say something then you can say I’m here to listen” said anika with a smirk on her face and her eyes which are directly seeing into Tia’s eyes. ” ohhh!!.. Bb..bbyy….winn….winning …one …match… Yoouuu….ca…can..cannot become a baa….sket ball chaamm…champion” said tia almost stammering at each word. Tia by now was hell scared of anika. ” ohh!! I see so you wanna play another game then I will play for sure tia but there will be a slight change in the game.

That is….. I and shivaay will be opponents and the ball will be YOU. are you ready to be a part of the game. Then let’s go lets play a game” saying so anika held Tia’s arm and started taking her towards court. While tia was resisting and crying. At last tia was successful in taking her hand out from anika’s clutch and started running.

After everyone left the court only shivaay and anika were left.
“Shivaay come on I will explain you the theory for which you have called me over here” said anika while collecting her books which were on ground. While shivaay was afraid of his lie being caught. ” anika actually I understood the theory I just called you here so that you can overcome your fears” said shivaay with being frightened of what anika will do now. ” heyy bhagwan please save me from her. Now I think she will make me a basket ball and will play a game with me” prayed shivaay mentally. But the reaction of anika just shocked shivaay beyond limits.
Anika came forward and just hugged shivaay sooooo tightly and started to sob. Shivaay was shocked and was upset as she was crying. ” you got to know about my past right ” said anika with great difficulty between her sobs. ” No anika I didn’t . I just know that you are having a painful past and I assumed that your related to basket ball by somehow so I thought of this plan” said shivaay.

” don’t you wan to know about my past or me” questioned anika. “Till you say I will not ask you. When you think I’m trustworthy to share your past with me then you say Okayy” replied shivaay.

In College:
Today everything is sooo unusual in college people are not in their classes but half of the college is in canteen. The temperature of canteen has increased 5 times from its normal. Every ones eyes are struck on only one point. There as one corner of canteen sat two o girls one mallika and the other her bestie anika. But today its not the regular anika. Their is something different. Today anika didn’t tie her hair in plat with all oil over it. Ani coat over her crop top no full jeans no glasses over her beautiful eyes.
” did you see anika??” Was the question rotating all over college. The person whom people barely know now her name has spread all over college as fire spreads in a forest.

Anika is wearing a baby pink crop top with a heart symbol over it and short jeans which are above knee. She has put minimal makeup and pink blush on her cheeks and she wore pink heels. She is looking sooooo awesome that the temperature of canteen has rose.
Mallika: anika wow your looking soo good today any special thing dear.
Anika: I’m no more the anika which is bullied see now I will start to leave and what happens.
M: yes yes I’m soo happy that you are changed.. And what will happen if you will leave???( mallika asked confused)
A: just wait and watch… Let’s leave..

And saying so anika and mallika starts to leave the canteen.
Seeing anika leaving all the boys panicked that they will not be able to see anika again today. So all the boys surrounded anika… At first anika panicked seeing all boys around her but soon all the boys bended on their knees took out roses and asked in unison ” anika please come on a date with us”. All the girls in the canteen are shocked and tia was fuming.
Boys around anika were shocked that now with whom anika will hangout now,because so many had asked her. And the boys started arguing ” anika is coming with me” said karan a gym boy of college.” No anika will not come with you. She doesn’t like gym. Anika will come with me” said rishab who is famous for his romantic dates.
Likewise all started arguing that with whom anika will go on a date…………………………….

At another side of college while shivaay is coming out of his class he collides with one guy and asks him the reason behind his running so fast. The guys explains about everything happening in canteen and concludes that he too want to ask anika out for a date. Shivaay was shocked to hell. He was jealous so he rushed to canteen where he finds all boys around anika over their knees and roses in their hands. And feels jealous.
Here anika was struggling to choose a guy because all were arguing around her
“Stop it!!!! Just shut up. I have decided with whom I’m going for a date.” Said anika almost irritated All were excited whereas shivaay was broken as he never thought his lady love will go on a date with any random guy….
“Ok I’m going on a date with that guy” said anika while pointing out her finger at a guy who wore a red shirt and jeans. And he was just beside anika and was one of the boys from the group who were asking her for a date.

Shivaay was shocked to see the guy and anika was enjoying it.





Story of U and ME…… a nerd and flirt (Part-5) Written Update

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