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Sukor a new journey start Episode 25 Written Update

Sukor a new journey start Episode 25 Written Update

Precap: Suraj n Chakor couldn’t sleep they met in the night. Both r much in love but don’t want to share this to their siblings. Both made a plan to bring Vivaan n Imli together.

Chakor n Suraj were sitting n making plans to bring Vivaan n Imli together. Frist Chakor had the idea to separate them on the game night to make the feel jealous but after an incident Chakor changed her mind n said we have to put them in the dame team both will see understand that they belong to each other. Suraj:Fine we will do that. The game night is on the last night of our camp trip Tomorrow but whcan we do now? Imli is angry abt wht we said n vivaan went after her should we do something? Chakor: I think we already did…😅.

Sukor a new journey start Episode 25 Written Update

Vivaan was running behind Imli trying to stop her: Imlu I mean Imli please stop!. Imli stopped n turned to him: Wht u just said? He looked at her: I asked u to stopp she shook her head. No how u call me? Vivaan embarrassingly turned his face: I’m sorry I called u Imlu… But I… Imli: Do u know what he looked at her with a questioning face what? Imli: U r the only one after my family who can call me Imlu. She smiled at him n left him there alone. He glaced after her with a damn happy smile.

Vivaan *I have to tell bro. Imli likes me he was right* He was going back but stopped looking at Sukor holding hands n watching at each other n loudly talking abt Vimli how to bring them together. Vivaan *to yeh khichri pakrahi hai! (they r planning this for a while)* Seeing them bot makes him happy *So seems like bhai found his love too😊? I think now it’s imli n my turn to make them confess* Vivaan left the place looking for Imli *But how we I convince her to help me should I tell her the truth? I love her n she might love me too but wht if not wht if she just sees a friend in me sh*t. I’m such a coward I will confess n it doesn’t matter wht she says at least the burden on my shoulders will leave*

Meanwhile Suraj was holding Chakors hand n said: Lets talk abt us wht should we do? Chakor shyly: Wht do u want to do? Do u have something on ur mind? Suraj was thinking n finally said: I have something in mind but we will do this some other day when we r alone she left his hand run away n screamed behind her: Yaar I didn’t meant that wht u think!

Chakor was very happy but she didn’t saw n run into Tina both: ouch. Chakor: Sorry I didn’t saw u. Tina: u did this on purpose bcz u r not anymore the co leader so u r trying to sabotage the training n I will get hurt. Chakir looked at her with anger n frustration: I said I m sorry n no I haven’t done this by purpose u just love to think i bcz u think u matters for me or the leadership. For ur information u r wrong my life has changed n I have a new aim. I Will beat u! *n I will never let u separate me n Suraj*




Sukor a new journey start Episode 25 Written Update

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