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SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 9) Written Update

SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 9) Written Update

Swara comes out of her class. N takes her mobile. She gets a call from lucky. She hops excitedly n receives call
Lak: Shina,, shona
Swa: Wt happened lucky..how was ur interview.
Lak: oo.. I didn’t get job.
Swa: oh.. I thought u wil get job. Leave then u will get better job then that
Lak: I’m feeling so sad. Can I meet u now
Swa: I have class.
Lak: can’t u do this for u lucky.
Swa: ok fine. Come to my colg. Let’s go somewhere.
Lak: I wil be there in 5 mins.

SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 9) Written Update

Swara takes permission from her teacher saying that she is not feeling well n left colg. She was waiting for lucky. By then lucky came there.
Lak: came so fast
Swa: just for ur sake
Lak: luv h shona
Swa: Wt…
Lak: bit his tongue. Sorry like u
Swa: fine let’s go..
Lak: for where
Swa: u only say
Lak: I wil take u to a place
Swa: fine.. Who will drive
Lak: of course u
Swa: so sweet of u
(they both leave)

They come out from meeting room.
Rag: Sanky. I thought we will get this contract.
San: Ya, it all because of u
Rag: then I want a treat
San: I thought that earlier.
Rag: where shall v go.
San: I wil pick u at evening. Be ready..
(he hands over a gift pack).
Rag: what’s this
San: go home. N wear this today.
Rag: fine.. Come in time
San: u know my punctuality naa..

They both leave. Sanskaar was staring at her continuously..


They reach a place..it is damn beautiful completely surrounding with green. Swara loves to enjoy nature. There she saw a dining table at the centre of that place. Swara was confused.
Swa: what is this lucky
Lak: surprise…
Swa: means u got job.
Lak: u r right I got job..

Swara hugged him,lucky also hugged her back. Later they compose themselves.

Swa: I’m so happy for u
Lak: I know.
Swa: lucky, did u inform this to papa
Lak: no da… I wil inform later.
Swa: soon u r saying this for me first right.
Lak: of course, yaa
Swa: so nice..
Lak: come let’s go…
Swa: haaaa

Sanky reached Ragini’s house. Ragini got into car.
Rag: where r v going.
San: it’s a surprise.
Rag: plzzz..
San: wait for some time
Rag: fine

They reached after sometime.
The place was completely decorated with red balloons. And with white n red soft clothes. N there was a dining table at the centre of that decoration. Ragini was happy seeing this.
Rag: this place is so nice.
San: u liked it
They reach that place.. N both sat on chairs.
Rag: by the way..y u took me here
San: wait for sometime.. First have dinner.
Rag: ok
(they ate dinner)
Rag: say now.
San: fine until say…… That that that… I…i….

Swa: thank u lucky. J really loved it
Lak: (himself)  I know swara u liked it.. As it is all arranged according tour fav stuff..
Swa: Wt r u thinking.
Lak: nothing.
Swa: let’s have anything naa
Lak: everything here is for u
Swa: Wt
Lak: Ya sweet heart
Swa: lucky,,,, don’t u think u cahnged a lot.
Lak: for u
Swa: wt
Lak: just kidding….here take ur favourite kulfi
Swara hugs lucky n thanked him

Rag: say nooo
San: I…. I…. Found my dream girl.
Ragini was little upset.
Rag: Wt… Where.. Who is she..
(only Ragini knows about Sanskaar’s dream girl..)
San: u also know her…n u spoke to her
Rag: who is she..where is she now.
San: she is in front of me.
Rag: where is she.. Leaving me no one r here.
San: Yaa
Ragini was shocked… And looks at herself.
Rag: Is that me..
San: yaaa.u r my dream girl. I came to know on colg reunion day… H wore lehanga Noo.. From that I found u
Rag: OMG. I can’t believe.
San: I want to say one more thing.
That I….
Rag: so no
San:: I live u yar. I can’t leave with out u.. U know na how much I love my dream girl

They ate dinner…
Swa: by the way where is ur dream girl
Lak: v both fought da
Swa: oh Wt happened.
Lak: simply like that only.
Swa: u could convince her noo
Lak: she won’t da.. Actually she is like u in that.
Swa: Wt do u mean..
Lak: nothing..
Swa: y you called me
Lak: I want a company with me.. Soo
Swa: so u called me for a company.. Not more than that.

She was about to go. Laksh holds her hand..
They share an eyelock… Later laksh hugs Swara, swara also hugs him back…





SwaRagini destiny made to love you (Episode 9) Written Update

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