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TERE LIYE (Part 1) Written Update

TERE LIYE (Part 1) Written Update

heaven is shown and two souls are shown running after each other.
girl: you idiot i will not leave you
boy: what will you do ms nakchadi(showing tongue)
girl: huh darpok(smirking)
boy: what did you just said?
boy: tell na

TERE LIYE (Part 1) Written Update

boy: I will not talk to you(fake anger)
suddenly a angel came to them
angel: god has called you both
girl/boy: we are coming
girl and boy went to the god

god: i have decided to send both of you on earth
girl/boy: why?
god: because every pious soul has to go there
girl: why god ji ? why you want to separate us.you want to send us to that world where no one care for each other. Everyone uses each other for their profit where there is no humanity for the namesake they are humans. Most important where we both got separated and you gain want to send us their(moist voice)

god: its not in my hand you both have passed your limited time here. You both are pure souls , now its time for your rebirth
girl: please god ji do not separate us

god got melt seeing her tears
god:this is the rule of here but I am granting you a boon to you both this time you both will unite with each other and will be a example of great lovers who loves each other unconditonally. this time your story will get complete
girl: but
just then god sees the boy whose face is showing no expression but just then he said
boy: thank you thank you i will get rid from this aafat ke pudia9trouble maker)
girl listened to him and said
girl: god ji i am ready(annoyed)

boy; me too
god(monologue): you both have faced a lot in your past life but this time your story will get complete. you both will face a lot of problems but you both will overcome them with your love and will be a great example. i am sending you both to get your story complete because pure love never dies. No one has the power to kill the love
boy: god ji can i talk with her
god: sure my boy
boy; i love you

girl: i love you too but why so suddenly(surprised)
boy: in our past life our story got incomplete but this time i want to get it complete my love. i want to feel you . I want to hug you ..take you in my embrace , kiss you that’s why i agreed, i am sorry if i hurt you. i promise you in this life we will be complete and we will be each other
boy: if you do not want then we will diagree
girl: i trust you. i also want to feel you
girl/boy:we are ready

god: ok then
boy and girl saw last time in each other eyes, reflecting the pain, love for each other but there was happiness , desperation to meet againalso
screen shifts to earth
inside of the ot a new born baby’s crying voice was heard
a nurse came out carrying a girl i n her hands
nurse: congrats its a girl
the man was very happy

man: ragini beta see your sister
ragini: yippee
man hurriedly went to he lady who was unconsious
man: misti see our angel
another side
a lady was doing puja ,she was looking pregnant
. suddenly she got labour pain
lady: ahh
her family members took her to hospital

after sometime a nurse came and handled the boy to the father
father:my champ came i will name him sanskar. He will be our pride

god: a new story is going to start of love which will be unconditional(happily)





TERE LIYE (Part 1) Written Update

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