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TUM SAATH HO (part 6) Written Update

TUM SAATH HO (part 6) Written Update

Ragini: good morning suraj chachu. Surprised na I woke up early, even I’m surprised how I woke up but you know na so many big things happen in this small world but how could this not happen ha answer me(making a cute face)oops how can you anser(slapping her forhead)silly me

 TUM SAATH HO (part 6) Written Update

Suddenly she remembered something and quickly got up and got hide behind the cupboard.

The door got opened and a boy comes and looks at the bed

Rahul: chudail how peacefully you are sleeping now its my turn to take revenge.

Saying this he poure whole bucket of water on bed but getting no response he moved towards the bed and took the comforter but seeing the emty bed he was shocked and just then splash

Ragini: ha ha ha bhai you can never win from ragini Khanna
Rahul(fake anger): I will see you
Ragini: see na bhai I’m here only(laughing)

With this both started their day with their silly nok jhok

Ragini came down and saw that house is decorated beautifully

Ma: ragini today is the festival in which we married woman pray for our husbands and do fast and today you will also do the pooja with us to get a nice groom(happily)

Ragini: ok mom
Ragini(monologue); I do not believe in all this but for my mom and dad I can do anything . by doing this if my mom will get happiness then I will surely do this

After that she went to meet with her friends and started playing with them and got collided with someone.

She closed her eyes in fear but she felt she was not in ground

Meanwhile the person who holded her was mesmerized seeing her. Her scared faced , her eyes which was closed due to falling was attracting her. When he saw her opening eyes he changed his expression

Ragini(angrily); you
Laksh:yes my darling
Ragini; leave me
Laksh: ok

Saying this he left herr and she fell on ground with a thud
Ragini; ouch why you left me
Laksh: you only told me to left you(innocently)
Ragini: idiot(murmers)

Saying this she went from there

Laksh: I heard it

Ragini: thank god you heard it(shouts0

Laksh: darling why didn’t you accept it that destiny wants to join us for something something(walking with her)

Ragini:no its nothing like that stop your assumptions

Saying this she went from their and her stroll fall on his face leading to laksh inhale her frangnance s smiling like an idiot


All people gather around the lake to do pooja for their husbands .

Laksh: bhai its been a long time I have seen festival of villages. Look people are gather here and there. By the way which festival is celebrating here
Girl: today is the festival in which we married woman pray for our husbands and do fast and girls do the pooja to get a nice groom(happily)
Laksh: acha you should also do so that we can get rid of you(teasingly)
Girl: no I will not you will not get rid of me easily(twitching her nose)

Meanwhile ragini’s family reach here for pooja. Ragini was standing there with her mom.

Laksh and his sister riya was also standing there in the meanwhile

Ragini’s mom; beta if you will do the pooja with pure hear na it is believed that you will see the reflection of your soulmate in this river

Ragini: ji maa

Ragini bends to do the pooja rituals.

Riya: bhai you stand here I’m cming
Laksh;aree. This girl left me alone now what will this human do(puppy eyes)

Ragini opens her eyes and gets shocked to see the reflection of laksh in river and here laksh also sees her in river both gazes are fixed with each other

Suddenly winds started blowing heavily and a thunderstorm occurs she turns back to see but all where is cyclone nothing was visible

Ragini’s mom: let’s go ragini
Saying this she took ragini from there

Laksh came to the place and saw no one was there but his gaze fall on an anklet.

He picked up the anklet and saw it deeply. He was feeling an connection with it.


Swara reaches hr room and saw that no one was there just then lights go onn

Voices: surprise happy birthday

They started doing celebrations

mom: what to do mere bete ko apna birthaday yaad nhi rehta(fake tears)

priya: so we should remember na(making faces)


Meanwhile sanskar was deeply in thought : no I can’t get attracted towards any girl. I should not forget that what happened with Gaurav bhai

He gets some flashes of boy abd girl are begging but they are shoot with no mercy

he gets up with a jerk and tears rolled down from his eyes

To be continue…






TUM SAATH HO (part 6) Written Update

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