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a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 17) Written Update

a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 17) Written Update

karan had brought naina in the house and naina slept until later that evening. when she woke up, she saw karan all dressed up ready to go somewhere.

naina: karan, are you going somewhere?

karan: you’re awake? i’ll call bhabhi.

naina didn’t know why karan didn’t reply but she brushed it off thinking it wasn’t anything specific. meghna came in and saw her little sister lying down in pain.

meghna: naina, are you okay? do you need something?

naina: my teeth hurt.

a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 17) Written Update

meghna: naina, i’ll get you your medicines okay?

before meghna could continue or get an answer from naina, naina saw karan coming back in to take something and as he headed out, naina asked him where he was going.

naina: karan, where are you going?

no reply.

meghna: karan, are you going somewhere?

karan: bhabhi, i’m just going to meet someone. i’ll be back in awhile.

meghna: okay. naina, i’ll bring some food for you and after that you can have your medicines.

naina nodded and when meghna left, she started thinking about how karan was ignoring her, she thought about his cold behaviour towards her and wondered what could’ve happened to get him to behave like this. naina remembered that all of naina’s cars had cameras to make sure that all the malhotra’s were safe while driving. naina checked the footage from earlier that day and saw everything she did and said. naina’s heart sunk.

naina: karan’s upset because i said all of that to him. oh god, i better talk to him.

meghna came in then with naina’s medicine.

meghna: naina, we haven’t spoken in sometime. i was thinking since everyone’s busy in their work i’ll talk to you today. how has everything been with karan?

naina: um, i mean i guess it’s been good. what about you and jeeju?

meghna: we don’t get time to talk naina. work has been so busy, we hardly see each other. either he comes back first and i’m late, or i come first and he’s late. whoever comes first sleeps first too so it’s been horrible.

naina: di, you guys should take a day or two off then?

meghna: we’re thinking of doing that next week.

naina: okay, that’s good.

naina got to thinking about how karan wasn’t talking to her now. she didn’t know what to tell him when he came back. was she supposed to even say something? but, when karan came back, naina got out of the bed to talk to him.

naina: karan, i’m really sorry.

karan: for what?

naina: for everything i said earlier in the car. i don’t know why or how i said those things and honestly, i can’t even remember half of it.

karan: how did you know?

naina: we keep cameras in the malhotra cars incase of any emergency or situation. i checked the footage when i realised you weren’t talking to me.

karan: listen naina, i told you this before and i’m telling you this again. i can never love you. we will never have a normal relationship and you know what, i think it’ll be better if you just left and went back to rohit.

naina: what?

karan: naina, i think you should leave. i’ll never make you happy. you should go back to rohit.

naina: is this what you want?

karan: yes, i want you to leave naina.

naina: okay, if it makes you happy then i’ll leave.

naina controlled herself and went to the cupboard. she took out all her things and put it in a suitcase, to karan’s surprise. before she left, naina stopped and told karan something.

naina: i didn’t leave earlier because i couldn’t leave without trying. i tried as much as i could, i’ve done everything. however, i did promise you that once you were fine, if you still wanted me to leave i would and so i am. i’m finally leaving. you win, karan.

naina took out her mangalsutra and put it on the table beside the sofa and left. karan stood still, not knowing how to react whereas naina ran to her car and left chauhan house, crying her hear out for once more, she was heartbroken.





a twist in the tale; swabhiman (chapter 17) Written Update

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