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My wife is my life (Part-1) Written Update

My wife is my life (Part-1) Written Update

Everything is same as in IB..
There will be some changes..That I’ll bring it later..

So the story begins like:

A man shouting at some people..He’s very arrogant and egoistic..(yes people..U gussied it right..It’s none other that our shivaay!!)
Shivaay (S):how many times i told not to interfere in my personal life..It’s my life and I’ll decide wat to..U people need not teach me Wats right and Wats wrong..Now get out (he shouts at the employees)
He goes to his house..He finds his lady love..
(obviously it’s anika)
Anika(A): so finally my so called “husband” got time to meet his lady love!! She started shouting at him because she was very angry as he didn’t talk to her or meet her for a week..And she was very tensed..
All the family members didn’t react in such manner because they knew where he went and for wat he went..They didn’t ask him anything..
Dadi(D): beta, shivaay..Come to me and take blessings and I made ur favourite dishes..
S: why dadi? Y do u strain urself so much?? Don’t u know that ur child will come and make everything??
Dadi smiled and went back to her room..

 My wife is my life (Part-1) Written Update

Guys in this ff no villain..I mean like no Svetlana,mahi, kamini,..
In this ff ranveer is really a very good person..He came to oberoi mansion for two things..One is for prinku and other one..I’ll reveal it later…
It was very late..So only dadi and anika saw shivaay..All others were sleeping..
Anika went to their room and started packing her clothes.. Shivaay was wat hung all these..And he didn’t utter a single word..Because he knew that she won’t leave him and go..But wat he thought didn’t happen..Instead wat he saw was she took some papers and signed it and gave it to him..Saying goodbye for ever.. Shivaay read everything and hold anima’s hand..He pinned her to the wall and stared at her..
A: what the hell r u doing?? Leave me..I don’t want to live with u anymore…I never knew that u had two faces..
Shivaay understood wat she was talking..But reacted as if he didn’t know is anything..
A: y the hell r u with me? And y am i with u?? Just because I’m ur…
She couldn’t complete it and started crying very badly..
She feel on his hands..Because she was very tired..He gently took her in his hands and made her lie on the bed..That night he didn’t sleep..He just went through those papers..He kept on reading..But didn’t understand y she did it..

Next day

Anika woke up and saw shivaay next to her..She thought something and started sweating..Shivaay also woke up mad found her sweating..He asked her many times wat happened..But she didn’t reply..So he got very angry and slapped her very hard that she fell down from the bed and lying unconscious..






My wife is my life (Part-1) Written Update

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